Citizen Plan for 11th High School – Plan C1

Concerned citizens have drawn up an alternate boundary plan for the school board to consider.  The plan, called C1, can be found here.

The plan is the same a plan C except the boundary along Devlin Road is extended to Wellington Road, thereby encompassing Sheffield Manor and the other “Devlin Road” communities within the boundary of the 11th high school.  The net effect of this change is that, based on PWCS enrollment estimates, the 11th HS will be overcapacity by 100 – 200 students each year.

What does this plan mean to Bristow Area neighborhoods in the Route 28 corridor (from Devlin Road to Route 28)?

The following communities will remain at Brentsville HS:

  • Bristow Village
  • Ashely’s Ridge

The following communities will be assigned to the 11th HS:

  • Saybrooke
  • Braemar
  • Victory Lakes
  • Sheffield Manor
  • Crossman’s Creek
  • Lanier Farms

6 Responses to “Citizen Plan for 11th High School – Plan C1”

  1. ch Says:

    PWC has a zero tolerance for bullying- so why are we allowing Victory Lakes to bully us out of the new high school that is rightfully ours? Just because they are bigger and louder, why should we step aside and let them dictate who goes to which high school? We did not buy in Victory Lakes because of the high school that community is slotted for- everyone living in Victory had the same choice.

    • VL Resident/SJHS Parent Says:

      When we bought in VL, all of the communities along Linton Hall went to Stonewall.

      • SJHS Parent Says:

        Yes, so did we. I don’t have any issue with SJHS, my son that now has made friends at the SJHS loves SJHS. Most of his friends live over in Manassas, since a lot of VL kids go to other HS, not SJHS.

        I’m fine if they keep VL at SJHS other then the demographics that are being impacted at SJHS with any of the plans currently being concerned by the School Board.

    • SJHS Parent Says:

      I think everyone is forgetting the big picture. The communities are not trying to bully anyone. They are trying to get what is best for their children. The planning committee and the School Board need to look at how over the years as the county has grown how they have affected the feeder patterns of the schools. They have kids at some middle schools going to at least 3 high schools, if not more.

      I have already had one child that had anxiety attacks all summer long about going to high school and didn’t want to go, because all of his friends that he made at middle school lived in a different community so they went to different high schools. I have three more coming up in the next couple of years that will be starting high school. I don’t want the same for them.

      The current HS doesn’t belong to any community right now until the School Board makes its decision. I know that I have voiced my opinion on the plans to the planning committee and the School Board. It is now in their hands to decide based on the facts and community input.

      Again I think it’s in the best interest of the kids that the planning committee and the School Board look at the issues they have causes themselves over the past couple of years with the way they have laid out the boundaries for the new elementary, middle and high schools. They didn’t consider the big picture. OUR KIDS and the friendships that they create during middle school.

  2. Another voice Says:

    This proposed plan is even worse than Plan C. I sincerely hope that the school board votes this down, because it would involve three high schools (including the new one) being over capacity in 2011. Plans A1 and B1 only have OP above capacity while the other area schools are below 100% capacity.

    I appreciate the effort of these citizens, but strongly disagree with this new plan.

  3. pwceducationreform Says:

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