11th High School Proposed Boundary Plan

The PWCS Office of Planning and Construction formally proposed boundary plan B1 to the school board for the 11th high school.  Under this plan Victory Lakes, Sheffield Manor, Independence and the communities along that portion of Devlin and Sudley Manor Drive will remain at Stonewall.  Communities along Glenkirk up to and slightly across 29 – which include Virginia Oaks, Glenkirk, and Brookside – will be reassigned from Battlefield to the 11th High School.

The plan will be voted on in 2 weeks. Having been through this sort of thing in the past, generally whatever school staff propose to the school board is approved.  That means plan B1 is likely to be the final boundary plan for the western end high schools.

The plan will take effect in the Fall of 2011 when the school opens and calls for 9th and 10th grade students to move to their new school, gives 11th grade students a choice to move to their new school or remain at their old school, and allows 12th grade students to graduate from their current school.

That means the children in 10th grade today will be allowed to graduate from the school they currently attend, children in 9th grade today will be given a choice as to the school they’ll attend, and children in 7th and 8th grade will attend whatever school they’re assigned to under the new plan.

Don Richardson, the School Board representative from Gainesville District, suggested that the plan be enacted in the Fall for students who will move from Battlefield to Stonewall or from Brentsville to Stonewall when the 11th high school is completed.  That means that if  you live in Victory Lakes or   Sheffield Manor and you have a child in 8th grade who expects to attend Brentsville next year, your child may be compelled to attend Stonewall instead.  Parents who live in those communities may want to let the school board know what they think of that proposal ASAP.

There seems to be quite a bit of concern regarding  Stonewall High School from parents in communities along the Linton Hall corridor.  While this will come as no consolation to parents in those communities, officials from Stonewall and PWCS really need to reach out to those communities and attempt to address their concerns.

Whether it’s true of not, Stonewall has become known as the gang school in the county and many parents are worried about sending their children into that environment.  Ignoring the problem, or brushing the concerned parents off as elitists, fixes nothing.

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  1. Anonymous Says:


  2. KC7489 Says:

    we moved to bristow to be IN bristow – mainly for the schools!!! we’re tired of feeling like outcasts in our very own community. if I had known then what I know now, I guess we would have bought a house on the other side of linton hall rd! while it may not be very p.c. to admit every reason why I don’t want my kids at stonewall, I commend pwc education reform’s straightforward article and the previous poster’s comment especially. i’d rather have my kids stuffed in trailers at the new high school or brentsville until the 12th high school is built! how about drafting a plan D for all us outcasts?!

  3. Proud SJHS Parent Says:

    From the above article:

    “Under this plan Victory Lakes, Sheffield Manor, Independence and the communities along that portion of Devlin and Sudley Manor Drive will REMAIN at Stonewall.”

    Wait. These kids already attend Stonewall? So what’s your beef? What do you mean your children won’t know anyone at Stonewall? Your neighborhoods already attend Stonewall! The Potomac News article made it seem as if your kids are being moved INTO the SJHS district. All this redistricting does is keep you students where they are.

    And you expect SJHS and PWCS administrators to do reach out to a community that already sends its kids to Stonewall? That’s ridiculous. Perhaps you’d be better served reaching out to the SJHS community. Spend a day at the school, attend a sporting event. Even better, volunteer!

    I hope members of the school board find this website and see the REAL reason some parents in the Linton Hall corridor want their kids moved out of SJHS. And then I hope they accept the Boundary Committee’s proposal and keep the boundary as it is.

    Stonewall is as good as HS as any in PWC. I’ve had two kids enrolled there continually over the past seven years. Never has there been a gang problem on school property. Gangs exist all over PWC, and Bristow isn’t immune.

    I would never voluntarily send my own children to an unsafe school. And, yes, we voluntarily sent our children to Stonewall for the IB Specialty program. Our base school is Osbourn Park. And we are far from the only parents who chose SJHS over OP, Brentsville or Battlefield.

    The IB program is outstanding. Your children will not find a better HS curriculum anywhere in PWCS. In my oldest child’s graduating class a few years ago, kids were accepted to, and are matriculating at, some of the finest colleges and universities in the country, including the Univ. of Notre Dame, Princeton, Brown, W&M, (several), UVA (several), Northwestern, George Washington Univ. and Washington University at Saint Louis and one of the military academies — either West Point or Annapolis, I’ve forgotten which. That’s just one graduating class!


    • PWCResident Says:

      When I purchased my home 7 years ago in Victory Lakes, I knew we were zoned for Stonewall and was happy that my child would someday go to HS there. But Stonewall has changed drastically since that time, with much lower test scores, unbalanced demographics and a substandard reputation . Plan B1 would create further unbalance, which would mean further decline in performance. Why then, as a parent, if I expect boundary B1 to cause further decline at this school, why would I want to send my children there? Would you buy a home in a neighborhood where you expected home values to decline in 4 years? No, course not! Trying to force homeowners to send their children to a school they do not want to go to is futile. Many parents have already made the decision – if B1 is adopted they are moving or transferring their student out to another school.

  4. Proud SJHS Parent Says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention Duke. Another student was accepted at Harvard but opted for a full-tuition scholarship at W&M. Yet another got into Johns Hopkins, but opted for the 3/2 pre-med program at VCU.

  5. KC4789 Says:

    that’s great………then continue to be a “proud sjhs stay there parent”

  6. anon Says:

    Was Stonewall Jackson the designated high school for Sheffield, VL & those other subdivisions when first developed? If that’s the case, I’m left wondering if parents were told their kids would be attending a new community high school when it opens in 2011. Does anyone know? Maybe that’s another reason why parents are upset? Did any buyers find out directly from pwcs or maybe they relied on what the builder sales reps told them? Just curious.

    • Linton Hall Parent Says:

      Braemar, dominion valley and piedmont once all attended Stonewall. They were all moved out when Battlefield opened. Yes, we in Victory Lakes were told the new school would be build 2 miles down the street. No one guaranteed we’d be there, but I did think we would be. The school is a half mile from our middle school.

  7. Proud SJHS Parent Says:

    A builder will tell a potential buyer anything to close a sale — including that their kids will definitely attend the shiny new school that’s being built, or proposed to be built, down the street. I can’t tell you how many parents from western PWC have approached the school board over the past several years demanding that their neighborhood moved to the shiny new school (be it ES, MS or HS) because “the builder or realtor told us that would be our school.” To my knowledge, that approach has rarely, if ever, worked.

    PWCS has an online tool that lets you type in your new street address and it will tell you the ES, MS and HS that your child will attend should you move there. Don’t assume that will change just in the future simply because you live in a new neighborhood and a newer school is being or will be constructed closer to your neighborhood.

    • anon Says:

      So true – like when the builders can’t guarantee that the beautiful woods behind your new home are there to stay for as long as you. As for stats: the IB program with approx a 1.5% enrollment back in 07-08 (don’t know what it is now) just doesn’t seem like a high percentage, but what’s the AP enrollment, drop out rates, offenses, Etc compared to Brentsville & Battlefield? Some people move to districts based on the overall performance of schools. Has anyone analyzed that data? It’s available on the Virg DOE website under “school/district report card.” This is another tool parents should look at prior to moving into a growing community which with it comes many changes as unpredictable as a new subdivision popping up in your backyard. I guess if I’m ever fortunate enough to move, I’d probably c0nsider an established community without new subdivisions popping up left and right so there’d be no surprises. It comes with the territory but it still doesn’t mean that pwcs can’t work out a resolution with those communities. I kind of agree with KC4789’s point: may be those parents wouldn’t mind trailers for a few years.

      • BristowForMyFamily? Says:

        Were thinking abuot moving fromFairfax. I heard great things about Bristow but someone told me to forget it because of the math program and this boundery issue. we really like Victory Lakes but Shefield Manor may be more afforadble. I also heard theres petitoins on the web somewhere that parents can get informed and sign. Does any one know where to find them? Thank you.

  8. Proud SJHS Parent Says:


    Your data is incorrect. Students can go for the full IB Diploma — in which all of their academic courses are IB in the junior and senior years, or go for IB Honors, in which some (but not all) of the academic courses are IB level. Both Diploma and Honors students have to accrue CAS hours (150 for diploma; 75 for honors) and take the capstone seminar course, Theory of Knowledege, in the senior year. IB Diploma candidates also have to write the IB Extended essay over the course of 11th and 12th grade, which is sent out for evaluation.

    In addition, juniors and seniors can take one, two, three or however many individual IB courses they want. They have to take the IB exam for those courses. Those kids get an IB certificate in those courses.

    Because IB is an 11th and 12 grade program, freshman and soph take IBMYP courses that prepare them for IB. Some kids feed into that program out of Stonewall Jackson MS IB specialty program, but many, like my children, do not because they went to Benton MS — which doesn’t offer a specialty program. They had no problem adjusting to the rirgorous IBMYP program.

    Here’s a link to SJHS’s IB portal. If you read the IB testimonials page, you’ll see that 40% of the class of 2009 is taking at least one IB class. That’s hardly 1.5%


    I also suggested spending some time looking at the rest of the SJHS website, as well as all of the IB information they have up. There’s quite a bit.

  9. Linton Hall Parent Says:

    It’s not the smell of the new school. I had that and it has a lot to be desired. 11th school is in the Linton Hall Corridor and that is where we live and want our kids to go. If my kids want the IB program they can apply. I’ve heard it is a great program. What about the general education program? Doesn’t stonewall have the second highest drop out rate in PWC? That is what it says on the PWCS site.

  10. pwceducationreform Says:

    Proud SJHS parent – you are absoutely correct – the children in Victory Lakes, Sheffield Manor, Independence, and the nearby communities are currently within the SJHS boundary, and the boundary changes resulting from the 11th High School won’t change that. But a percentage of children from those communities attend Brentsville HS because their parents are concerned about sending them to SJHS.

    SJHS has a fabulous academic reputation. I don’t dispute that for one moment. But it also has, perhaps not deservedly so, a reputation for gang activity and for being a rough school. While no one wants to say it out loud, that reputation is part of the reason parents from those communities are concerned about sending their children to SJHS.

    To be honest, there is no way to satisfy everyone. If Victory Lakes and Sheffield Manor are moved into the 11th High School’s boundary then Ashely’s Ridge and Saybrooke have to be moved out. While the parents in Victory Lakes and Sheffield Manor would be happy with that decision, the parents in Ashley’s Ridge and Saybrooke would be furious.

    It seems to me that no matter what the school system does, parents will be unhappy. Possibly reaching out to the communities would answer some of their questions and reassure them that SJHS is the wonderful school you’ve found it to be. Ignoring the parent’s concerns or brushing them under the rug, solves nothing and only creates an environment of mistrust and apprehension. I don’t think that’s something anyone wants.

  11. justthefacts Says:

    Damn right about the drop out rate and take a look at the number of economically disadvantaged in Stonewall and the Limited Language Prof. numbers. If you want to talk about elitist why not ask yourself why the school board is creating elitist high schools. Battlefield and Brentsville are losing economically disadvantaged and LEP students and Stonewall is increasing because all of the students are being transferred to Stonewall in all 3 plans. Brentsville will have less the 8 percent ED(very poor), Battlefield about 9 percent, the new school about 10 percent and OP 15 percent. A whooping 34 to 36 percent at Stonewall. As if it was not high enough at just under 32 percent. Why is the school board creating elitist schools off the back of one school, that school being Stonewall. Don’t talk to me about the IB program. Great program, but not every child should be in it. And if you are an average student or a below average student how will you fair in a school that is being over burdened. Brentsville with have less then 3 percent ESOL students because the rest are being transferred to Stonewall with the new plans. What a joke! God forbid the other schools have to help the poor or under privileged. God forbid you admit that this pisses you off. Equal school, equal opportunity, world class school system, what a joke!

  12. Proud SJHS Parent Says:

    I don’t know why the school board is increasing the number of economically disadvantaged at Stonewall and, yes, it does piss me off. Not because I don’t want my kids going to school with “those” kids, but because it gives the appearance that the wealthy communities are being isolated in their own homogeneous, brand- new high schools. It started when Battlefield opened and the school board took all the kids from 234 north of 66 — who had been going to Stonewall — and consolidated them at Battlefield. I didn’t like it when they did it (my son was a SJHS freshman), and I still don’t. I think they’re trying to correct the obvious economic and demographic disparity by keeping VL and Sheffield Manor at HS, but I don’t know why they are moving Coverstone from Battlefield to SJHS. I think they should have left the Coverstone community at Battlefield; moving it increases the ED demo at Stonewall while decreasing it at Battlefield, which is wrong. Moving Great Oaks and the Lucasville Rd.-area communities from SJHS to Brentsville under Plan B only makes it worse.

    That’s the major reason I don’t see the VK and Sheffield parents prevailing in their wish to move to the new HS. No school board wants to leave itself open to charges that it’s deliberately consolidating the ED kids in the western end of the county into a single high school by the way they are drawing boundaries. If you look at the Plan B boundary, there’s nothing gerry-mandered about it, in that it keeps contiguous neighborhoods (including VL and Sheffield) feeding into Stonewall. Technically, the Coverstone community is closer to SJHS than Stonewall, and given one of the mandates in determining boundaries is to use major highways and roads as natural boundaries, then I suppose I-66 clearly puts Coverstone at SJHS. Applying the same logic, I’d bring every home east of 619 and north of 28 into SJHS. That might help restore some demographic balance as well.

    As far as outreach, Stonewall did several outreach programs into the Bristow community last year in an effort to bring in more kids to the IB program. Our prinicipal, IB cooridinator, several students and parents attended. I know there were at least two meetings, and they were held at community centers in some of the subdivisions. There were also several community-specific “parent info” nights at the school.

    You’re also wrong if you think the school board is going to let those neighborhoods move to the new high school just because you don’t like the demographics at Stonewall. We have a public school system for all, and that shouldn’t mean elite high schools on the western end of the county. I wish more would be done to create better balances at all PWCS, but SJHS’s demographics don’t make it a “bad” school. It has unique challenges, but involved parents, teachers and administrators work hard every day to make sure every kid succeeds. It isn’t always easy, but wealthy communities that hype SJHS’s negative image as a way to make sure their own kids don’t have to go there doesn’t help.

  13. justthefacts Says:

    Look at plan B1 and plan C. The demographics are more balanced in plan C. This fact was publicly noted by Milt Johns.

  14. justthefacts Says:

    Look at plan B1 and plan C. The demographics are more balanced in plan C. This fact was publicly noted by Milt Johns. You are right, demographics are not a good reason to leave a school, but it maybe the reason why over 60 percent of the students in the Great Oaks Community transfer their children out through specialty programs. Request the transfer trend info from the school board.

  15. justthefacts Says:

    How much do these transfers affect Stonewall? The money follows the student. Have you wondered why Stonewall is the only school under capacity? The poor generally don’t transfer out or complain and soon they will be the only ones that can not figure out how to jump off the sinking ship. It happened in Manassas city schools and in the MP schools. All over the papers a few years back. A school with poor students does not make it bad. A school were everyone is trying to get out is very bad. Test scores are dropping, drop out rates are up. Check out schooldigger.com. Look what the opening of Battlefield did. The 11th high school will further weaken Stonewall. The board could stop that through busing some of the poor to those elitist high schools. Share the responsibility of educating those in the greatest needs. Instead they choose to further weaken Stonewall and then they act like we are racist if we ask for some fairness.

  16. justthefacts Says:

    Yes, I know the IB principals have reached out, but again let’s talk about the general population.

    I have not heard any community ask to be removed from Stonewall because of the demographics. And yes that would be the kiss of death. Maybe high transfer out rates is the way to get you neighborhood removed from Stonewall. I am sure communities that want out will do just that and that also pisses me off.
    Were you at the three planning meeting and the school board meeting? There are many reasons, but no matter what the people say everyone believes the only reason is the demographics. Sure it is hard to deny the demographics are becoming more of an issue, but there are many other valid reasons.

  17. Proud SJHS Parent Says:

    If it’s all about keeping your community together, and not about the demographics at SJHS, then why don’t all those neighborhoods on the SJHS side of Linton Hall Rd/619 petition the PWCS board to move as one body to SJHS?

    Somehow, I don’t see that happening, do you? And the reason is the negative perception of SJHS.

    Personally, I think it makes perfect sense to put every Bristow neighborhood on the SJHS side of Linton Hall Rd at SJHS. I wonder if that was even considered. It would go a long way toward undoing the damage that was done when Piedmont, Dominion, etc., were moved out of SJHS, and it would make a contiguous boundary even more reasonable by using Linton Hall Rd. as a “natural” boundary.

    Anyone want to take me up on that suggestion? I think not, I’m sorry to say.

    • pwceducationreform Says:

      To my knowledge, both plans A1 and B1 do send virtually all of the communities to the SJHS side of Linton Hall Road to SJHS. I believe the only communities on “that” side of Linton Hall going to the 11th high school are at the bottom of Linton Hall Rd next to the YFT facility.

      That is the same boundary, BTW, that exits today.

      I find it interesting that the school district hasn’t announced what sort of special program will be at the 11th High School. Cambridge? IB? AP? Math /Science? Language Arts & Humanities? ESOL? EDD / Special Ed? Some mix of the above?

      As we’ve seen with Brentsville, special programs do attract students and can change a school from under to over capacity in just a few years. I’m sure officials with PWCS know which program they’d like to have at the 11th school and I’m at a loss the explain why they’d keep such information quiet.

  18. justthefacts Says:

    I am not sure what neighborhoods that includes, but it may make sense. Spend some time developing the plan and see if the demographics are more balanced. That is what many asked the planning committee to do at the 3 meetings. Sadly they could not be bothered. If you where at thosre meetings you would know that.

  19. wrightsright Says:

    I have a friend that was part of the “white flight” in Manassas Park. The funny thing is that she is hispanic. She likes to call it the flight of educated, involved and lucky enough to get out parents. She says that is why she moved out of the area all together, because no one cared and she wouldn’t let it happen to her kids again. Seems to me that Stonewall parents should be banding together and insisting that the board stop treating them like the ugly step sister. The “white flight” is happening and the board is encouraging it. It can be stopped by focusing on a more balanced demographic not a less balanced one.

  20. movedout Says:

    Proud SJHS parent where do you live? Kids from Bennet Middle,( you said your kids went to Bennet) don’t live in the linton hall area. Plan B1 is the least ED balanced and yet you seem to love it. You are a puzzle to me. Is your neighborhood being moved to Brentsville in plan B? Why don’t you fight the school board and not other concerned parents. The school board is killing stonewall, not people in new housing developments. My kids do not go to stonewall and I am very happy they never will. Call me an elitist, snob or whatever, I don’t care. The safety and education of my kids is my main concern. My children will never go to a school with that many economic disadvantaged children. If they did go to StonerwallI’d be mad and I’d blamed the folks in charge. Maybe the parents who want their kids out because of the demos can’t say it, but stonewall parents can say they are sick of it. So why don’t you spend your time doing that?

    Are you aware that the board wants to move the ED students out of Battlefield and Brentsville this fall, two years early. This in the hope that they can open up the specialty programs early, so that other elitist parents can transfer out of Stonewall immediately. Wake up, smell the coffee.

  21. pwceducationreform Says:

    Looking at the enrollment data, both Battlefield and Brentsville are very overcrowded, with Forest Park coming in close behind.


    There has to be an option that works better for everyone. If we pull Victory and Sheffield Manor (and the smaller neighborhoods near those communities) into the 11th high school then another community has to go elsewhere.

    New Bristow Village and Ashley’s Ridge could go to Brentsville (which is plan C), but that still leaves Sheffield Manor at SJHS (and some parts of Ashely’s Ridge may be walking distance to the 11th high school).

    So which community gets moved to SJHS so that Sheffield Manor can go to the 11th high school?

    Saybrooke? They’re geographically closer to the 11th high school than Sheffield Manor. Busing those kids to SJHS would require busing them through neighborhoods that go to the 11th high school. Not exactly reasonable.

    Do we toss Saybrooke to Brentsville instead of SJHS? Again, that would require busing those kids through 11th high school neighborhoods to get them to Brentsville.

    Do we send the kids in the neighborhoods west of Glenkirk (Brookside, Virginia Oaks, etc) to SJHS? No matter which route those kids take, they’ll be bused through Sheffield Manor and Victory to get to SJHS.

    What’s the answer?

  22. ConcernedPWCparent Says:

    Bus ten percent of the currently ED students out to Brentsville and Battlefield and the new school. Brentsville, Battlefield, The new school and OP will then be at 16 percent. Stonewall will be at a healthy 22 percent. We spend approx. 270,000 dollars to bus less then one hundred gifted kids to TJ. We are opening up a new governors school at an additional educational cost of approx. 165,000 dollars, but the cost of busing those students will be 300,000 dollars. How much would it cost to make Stonewall healthy again. Fit Stonewall and no one will feel that they need to leave. Transfers to speciality programs will be because the child is interested in them, not because the parent’s would do anything to protect their children.

    Hold the school board accountable for hurting Stonewall, Manassas and all the surrounding areas. I am afraid to tell people I live in Manassas anymore. Strengthen Stonewall, strengthen Manassas, strenghten PWC. Tell the school board you want a balanced school that people will want to attend, like the use to before the board opened Battlefield and took out the most economically stable communities. The board create these problems. Make them fit it.

  23. ConcernedPWCparent Says:

    I mean fix it, not fit it.

  24. Proud SJHS Parent Says:

    Moved Out:

    I said my kids went to Benton MS. We live in mid-county. If you read my earlier posts, you’ll see I made that point quite clearly.

    Under Plan B, my neighborhood will be moved out of the OP district into Brentsville. But it matters not, because my youngest child will be enrolled in the SJHS IB Specialty Program as a transfer student when she’s ready to go to HS in a few years.

    Just to reiterate: kids from Benton MS have been districted into four high schools since the day Benton opened: OP, B’ville, FP and Hylton. Our kids are separated from their rec sports league friends, church friends, school friends and neighborhood friends. In one ridiculous example, two contiguous neighborhoods are divided into OP and B’ville while a third neighborhood, just across the street, goes to Hylton. These kids attend ES and MS together, and then split into three groups for HS. This would have been remedied with the construction of the planned mid-county HS, but that has been pushed back until at least 2015 in favor of Kettle Run High School.

    Our side of 234 has been districted to OP since we moved to PWC in 1989. OP is 7 miles from our home. Brentsville is 12.8 miles from our home. SJHS is 7 miles away from our home. CD Hylton High School is the closest — only 5 miles away — but for some reason the PWCS board has always elected to send the kids on our side of 234 some 7 miles to OP and, now, 12.8 miles to Brentsville.

    SJHS is only 7 miles away, and an easy drive up the 234 bypass. You’d hear not one complaint from me if SJHS served our community.

    My kid won’t go to Brentsville. We checked out the Cambridge Program for my middle child, and she didn’t like the vibe at the school. She said she preferred Stonewall. We wanted our kids to get the most challenging HS public education available to them, and the Cambridge and IB are the two best options for public school kids in PWC. Mine don’t like AP, and OP is an AP school with a science specialty program that they didn’t interest either child.

    PWCEducationReform: It wasn’t only the Cambridge Program that pushed B’ville over capacity. It was the huge growth in the Bristow/Nokesville area, coupled with the fact that Brentsville has a very, very low ED and minority population. SJHS has always had a high ED and minority demographic, which turns off many families who might otherwise consider the IB program. Let’s be honest, shall we? Most parents will choose to put their kids in the Cambridge program at B’ville over the IB program at SJHS simply because they like the demographics at B’ville. The school board did serious damage to SJHS when they opened Battlefield and removed the Dominion and Piedmont families from the school. I think they realize that now and are taking baby steps toward remedying it by keeping VL and Sheffield at SJHS.

    Again, I think they should keep the entire Bristow community north (or is it east?) of Linton Hall Road at Stonewall.

    And, no, I didn’t attend any of the proposed boundary planning meetings for the 11th HS, but I watch ever PWCS board meeting on Ch. 18. My spouse served on the boundary planning committed for Benton Middle School, so I do know how the process works.

    I was stunned to see in the paper last week that kids in my neighborhood will be bussed to B’ville — five miles further than they are to OP. I don’t think most of them realize it yet.

    Amazing to think that our kids are being bussed 12.8 miles to B’ville HS as part of re-districting for the 11th HS, but there you have it.

    My youngest is 10, which means the mid-county HS won’t be opened until she’s a soph in HS. That’s ridiculous. She’ll be at SJHS, and we will probably keep her there rather than move her to the new HS, even though it will be almost across the street from us.

    Concerned PW Parent: You make a good case. The school board can start by keeping the Coverstone community at Battlefield, and moving the entire Bristow area I mentioned about over the SJHS. And don’t even get me started on TJ. With all the excellent high schools in PWC (yes, including SJHS), I don’t know why we pay Fairfax County to educate our best and brightest kids at TJHSST. Keep them home.

  25. ConcernedPWCparent Says:

    SJ parent thank you for your comments. You have made lots of good points. But you are giving the board and planning committee too much credit. If they wanted to improve the demographic at SJ none of these plans would currently exist. The board is not trying to help fix the balance. The ED population at Stonewall will be 36 percent with plan B1. It will be 34 percent with plans A1 or C. This is an increase by nearly 3 or 5 percent with either plan. The planning committee is recommending B1, the worst demographics for Stonewall and the perceived best demographics for Battlefield and Brentsville. The board is not trying to correct anything.
    Everyone should take a long,hard look at the demo sheets of each plan, you will be shocked. Also look at the goals of the planning committee. One of those goals was to take into consideration the demographic balance and yet when Milt Johns asked if they took demographics into consideration, the committee said they looked at it, but it was not one of the true considerations. Watch the school board meeting on TV, I am not making this up!

    The board needs to ask the planning committee to make a plan D, a balanced plan that makes SJ stronger, not weaker! Is that really too much to ask our elected officials to do?

    Knowledge is power. Inform yourselves before it is too late.

  26. Proud SJHS Parent Says:

    Yes, perhaps a Plan D is best at this point. What is happening at SJHS could well end putting PWCS on the wrong end of a civil rights case. The evidence is quite compelling.

    BUT….that does not mean SJHS as it exist now is “unsafe” or a “gang school” (terms that have been tossed around on this blog), and the education your children will get is excellent. I don’t think you’ll find more dedicated teachers and administrators anywhere in PWC.

    Please, I urge all of the families in VL and Sheffield to visit Stonewall so that your fears can be addressed. I think your imagining a reality that simply does not exist.

    It does no good to bash a school and its students. Yes, we have a high ED demographic because that’s how the county drew the boundaries. But most kids at Stonewall are there to learn the skills they will need to succeed.

  27. Proud SJHS Parent Says:

    pwceducationreform // May 10, 2009 at 7:45 am wrote:

    “To my knowledge, both plans A1 and B1 do send virtually all of the communities to the SJHS side of Linton Hall Road to SJHS. I believe the only communities on “that” side of Linton Hall going to the 11th high school are at the bottom of Linton Hall Rd next to the YFT facility.”

    If you look at the current boundary and the B-1 plan, you’ll see that there are several neighborhoods along Linton Hall Rd that are not currently at Stonewall, nor will they move to Stonewall under re-districting.

    Interestingly, the only change to the Stonewall boundary in the B-1 plan is to move the Coverstone Community from Battlefield to Stonewall.

    In my perfect Plan D, I would keep Coverstone at Battlefield (where I presume those families would prefer to stay, though I have no direct knowledge and could well be making a false assertion), and move the ENTIRE Bristow area east (or north, whatever) of Linton Hall Rd (between I-66 and Rt. 28) into the Stonewall Jackson High School family. That would serve to purposes:

    1. Help correct some of the ED imbalance that exists now between SJ, Battlefied and B’ville, and which would only be made worse under Plan B-1.

    2. Keep the Bristow community together at the same high school instead of splitting it between SJ and Kettle Run. I’m sure most families would prefer to be moved en masse to Kettle Run, but I hope that they could accept moving (staying, in the case of VL and Sheffield) to SJHS as another way of achieving the same goal.

  28. Bristow Mom Says:

    Sheffield Manor wants to keep the community together, including Victory Lakes, whether we got to SJHS or the new high school. That’s what we are after, keep us together as a community, quit seperating us.

    Answer me this. In Plan C, Victory Lakes is in the boundary to go to the new high school. Why? When they were moved into Plan C, 2 other communities were moved out. How is that fair?

    Why is everyone bashing Sheffield Manor?

    • ch Says:

      Victory Lakes knew what high school they were slotted for when they moved into their community. My community will be less than 1 mile from the new high school, but Victory Lakes wants to cut us out. Who gave them the power to make decisions on behalf of the rest of us? Stop bullying the smaller communities- we bought where we are so we would not be going to certain high schools in the area. You could have too.
      Too bad, so sad!

      • VL Resident/SJHS Parent Says:

        Hey ch,
        Your community was once in the SJHS boundary too! (although your home may not have even been built then if you are in Ashley’s Ridge) But for those of us who have been here a while, we remember when all of the communities along Linton Hall were once at Stonewall (a long time ago – you know, before 2004 and the opening of Battlefield).

  29. ConcernedPWCparent Says:

    You are right, it does not have the highest drop out rate in PWC, It has the second highest drop out rate in PWC. See pwcs news release March 2009.

    The school is not open yet, or even built. It is not too late to redraw the lines. I encourage everyone to contact the school board and insist on it!

    One of the two members on the planning committee lives in that neighborhood that proud SJ parent wants to move to Stonewall. His child goes to SJ in the IB program and he is a fan of SJ. However he is also a homeowner and I am sure he will not take the chance that his house and neighborhood would decrease in value any further. So forget it Stonewall parent. Besides reformer is right, the school is in their backyard.

    What about your neighborhood? You are 7 miles from SJ and are being sent to Brentsville 12 miles away. You happily send your kids to SJ. Would you ask the board to move your whole neighborhood into SJ?

    Again my plan: Tranfer 10 percent of the ED students out of SJ to surrounding schools. Replace the lose of the students by putting the governors school childred there for one half day and expanding the governors program. Then returning our highly gifted students to pwc. They are PWC students not Fairfax and we need the money they bring the county and their high test scores.

    If that does not full SJ add another speciality program, like IT. Parents will be begging to get their kids in. Drop out rates will improve, test score will improve, surrounding property values will improve and I can sale my house and move tpo Mytle Beach!

    I am not a planner but it really is not that hard, is it?

  30. pwceducationreform Says:

    Bristow Mom – I agree with you.

    Moving Victory to the 11th high school means Ashely’s Ridge and New Bristow Village have to be sent to Brentsville – and some of the homes in Ashely’s Ridge are walking distance from the 11th high school. If we move Sheffield to the 11th high school them we have to move another similarly sized neighborhood out – like sending Saybrooke to Brenstville / SJHS or Virginia Oaks to SJHS.

    To me, the county either draws the line a Linton Hall Road and sends Victory and Saybrooke to SJHS or it redraws the whole thing as plan D.

    • WHY? Says:

      Why do you agree with Bristow mom?

      What about the heart shape area? The were moved from OP to Stonewall and in plan B1 they go to Brentsville. When the mid county school opens they go to it. Why so many moves? Neighborhoods got shifted out of other schools with plan B too. Plan be was changed to B1 after citizen concerns and neighborhoods where shifted again. Yet it only concerns you that Plan C shifts communities. Why?

      Bristow Mom is bitter she is not the new school in plan c. If you look below at her comments you will see that she seems to hate people in Victory Lakes. She doesn’t care about us, she just feels that if my kids can’t go to the new school, I’ll make sure theirs can’t. Who knows maybe she does not even live in Sheffield Manor and is really just trying to assure plan B goes through for her benefit. Thinks we throw her under a bus, seems like she’d throw us out of a plane.

      Victory lakes goes to Marstellar and we are part of the Linton Hall Corridor and the Marstellar community. Are you blind to this? Our kids will leave their friends when they move to 6th grade and again when they move to 9th. Don’t you understand this? WE do not go to Gainesville Middle School with all of the other kids from Victory elementary. So when plan C come out Ashley ridge moved to Brentsville and the heart shape area stayed at Stonewall. This doesn’t seem like a problem for the heart shape area because they all transferred out of Stonewall a long time ago. Where was their strong sense of community when they all transfered to separate schools?

      We in Victory Lakes want to stay a strong community connected to the community our kids go to middle school with. We’re not into the new school excitement or we would have asked to be sent to Gainesville Middle. WE ATTEND MIDDLE SCHOOL IN BRAEMAR, 1.5 miles from our homes and we want our kids to stay with their friends from 6th to 12th grade.

      We are asking to raise with the middle school, our reason is very valid. The demographics are also ore balanced and so our leaving Stonewall is actually helping.

      Bristow Mom should be happy that she would never have to see us again.

    • ch Says:

      PLEASE!! Grow up. Victory is slated to go to SJHS and always has- just because you are bigger and louder than the rest of us does not give you the right to bully the smaller communities. My kids go to brentsville and will continue to go there- I have no vested interest in the new school except that my kids could walk to it. PWCS has a zero tolerance for bullying- or does that not apply to your community as well?? Take your lumps and live with it!

  31. strenghtenstonewall Says:

    Yes, sheffield you are being picked on

  32. strenghtenstonewall Says:

    BUT, sheffield you should be use to be picked on because you go to Stonewall. We are all use to it. The county has weakened our school ever since they opened Battlefield and now they want to do it again. They want to put all the economically disadvantaged and esol students in Stonewall. They want to open up specility programs at all the school Asap so that the affluent parents (that we at Stonewall really need) can transfer out fast. Then there are the budget cuts for next year. 15 million in cuts. 8 million of those cuts will be in decreasing the services to the economically disadvantaged. 1.7 million will come off of the ESOL programs. What is that 70 percent of the cuts only hurting the poor? And the poor are all in Stonewall! So all those elitist school will see little to no budget cuts. NICE FOR THEM.

    Stop worrying about your neighbors to the one side. Why don’t you help us Raiders. We need to stand together or we will fall alone. Yell from the windows, “I’m feed up and I am not going to take it anymore”.

    We need a new plan, a fair plan! We need it now!


  33. PWCResident Says:

    When the new Gainesville Middle School boundaries were being determined 2 years ago, Sheffield Manor did not petition to stay with Victory Lakes then. They petitioned to go to the new middle school. Two years ago, YOU, SHEFFIELD MANOR, split yourselves from us. Why is that? If it wasn’t important then to keep your kids going to the same middle school as VL, why is it important now that they go to the same HS together?

  34. Another voice Says:

    When I saw the proposed Plan C, the first thing that went through my mind was that this was merely an attempt to appease Victory Lakes residents, and nothing else. Victory Lakes and surrounding neighborhoods off of Sudley Manor Dr. and Devlin Rd. already are a part of the Stonewall HS attendance boundary. That school is NOT over capacity. Why is there a need to change attendance boundaries in those neighborhoods?

  35. Teacher Says:

    I love my esol students and my heart goes out to the poorer kids that have been given so few opportunities. It is true that as the numbers go up, my job becomes harder. But I won’t leave, my kids are great!

    I encourage the school board to choose the plan with the most balanced demographics.

    Thank you

  36. AnObservation Says:

    I did attend the boundary meetings and last week’s School Board meeting. It was a sea of red shirts and a sea of yellow shirts. Whenever a Sheffield Manor resident spoke, all the yellow shirt people stood up in support. Whenever a Victory Lakes resident spoke, all the red shirt people stood up in support. If Victory Lakes and Sheffield are so inseperable as neighboring communities, then why didn’t they join forces and fight together? They showed up appearing as two seperate, strong communities…maybe because that is who they really are.

  37. Bristow Mom Says:

    I agree with what you are saying “AnObservation”, we are devided but ONLY because Victory Lakes Residents are looking out for themselves and totally threw the rest of their neighbors under the bus. If you listened to Sheffield Manor Residents speaking they were all about community while Victory Lakes was all “me, me, me, me”. They don’t care about their neighbors, never have never will. We started to Stand for Victory until one resident said “Don’t include residents on the Devlin Side”, so we sat back down because it was obvious that they had no intention of including there neighbors.

    strenghtenstonewall: Why aren’t you getting with Victory Lakes case. The only reason Sheffield Manor is getting greif is because they wrote this article. Shall I write an Article on all the Victory Lakes residents have done? Maybe that will change your tune. If you noticed or heard anything I’ve said, Sheffield Manor is about staying together, whether it be at Kettle Run or SWJH and if it’s SWJH, you better believe we will do whatever it takes to make that the best school in PW.

    And in response to that other person mentioning that Sheffield Manor wanted to go to the new elementary school when it was first built, I can’t reply because I wasn’t living in PW county back then)

    • 2018 concern Says:

      Bristow Mom,
      I disagree with any comments that would exclude specific communities in any boundary.

      However, as VL resident, the issue for me IS staying together – but it is focused on my kids staying together with their middle school. I don’t know, but I’d guess my kids will end up making more friends at middle school and elementary school than they will at neighboring developments assigned to different schools.

      I believe we are the only community assigned to Marstellar that will NOT go to the new school.

      Under A or B, my kids will go to a different high school than most of their peers and, due to forecasted overcrowding in 2018, could be stuck in trailers at the largest school in the county.

      I think it is unfair to paint our community with such a broad stroke. Have you considered any of the problems that A or B will pose more specifically to VL or parents with young children assigned to Stonewall in 2018 (under all of the options)?

    • PWCResident Says:

      BristowMom, you still didn’t answer my question, WHY DID SHEFFIELD MANOR ABANDON VL TO GO TO THE NEW MIDDLE SCHOOL (GAINESVILLE) 2 YEARS AGO? Two years ago you set the precedent! Why didn’t you fight to stay with us then? You didn’t mind going to the shiny brand new school – forget where your supposed “dear” neighbors were going! YOU are the ones who divided us in the first place! You threw US under the bus! VL petitioned to stay at Marstellar because that is what we consider to be our community school. We were not dazzled by the prospect of a shiny new school. We were committed to the school we had been calling “our home school” for years. Likewise, we consider the new Kettle Run HS to be in our community, therefore we would like to go to the HS that is in our community. VL residents have been working for weeks trying to put together a plan that could include our community. We didn’t just say “WA WA, We want to go to the new school.” Our plan is the most balanced out of all of them and has sound data to back it up. It was through OUR efforts that a Plan C was even presented. If we hadn’t come up with a viable argument, the planning committee would have never presented Plan C. But we did. And your community, the one that only had 4 representatives at the April 28th meeting, heard about us being included and ONLY THEN did you start fighing for yourselves! Up until then you did nothing!Again, look at all three plans, Plan C is the MOST balanced plan of them all.

  38. 2018 concern Says:

    As a Victory Lakes resident and parent of children under age two, my biggest concern isn’t with SJHS (although I do have concerns).

    Generally, I would prefer that my kids progress to the same high school as the rest of their middle school classmates (currently at Marstellar).

    I’m also very concerned with the projected overcrowding at SJHS in 2018 (around the time my kids will be in high school). The county is projecting that Stonewall will be the largest school in the county at 3,000+ students and over capacity by more than 600 (more than twice as overcrowded as any other school in the district).

    According to our board rep, there are no plans for another new school in that time frame and it seems probable that the current borders will be in place until at least 2018. I could be wrong.

  39. pwceducationreform Says:

    My understanding is that there is another high school “in the works” for sometime around 2014 or 2015. That’s around the time the 11th high school, Battlefield, OP, and Brentsville will be back around 120% each. SJHS, based on the plan posted on the PWCS web site, will still be under capacity.

    Whether that school will be built and where depends largely on growth and $$. Growth based on the PWCS estimate (and that’s been waaaaay off in the western end of the county) is currently targeted at around 2%.

    Perhaps rather than building a 12th high school PWCS will consider enlarging Brentsville (whose capacity is about 1/2 that of the other schools in the county).

    2018 – while I respect your desire to keep your kids with their Middle School friends, sending Victory to the 11th high school means that the kids in Ashely’s Ridge will be sent to Brentsville and separated from the friends they’ve been with since elementary school. Sending Sheffield to the 11th high school means sending Saybrooke to Brentsville, which also means separating them from their friends they’ve been with since Elementary school.

    While I respect the desire, reassigning the students in Victory to the 11th high school so that they can stay with their classmates from middle school means separating children from other communities from the classmates they’ve known since kindergarten.

    • 2018 concern Says:

      I understand that we may not be able to attend the new school and am okay with that if it is not the best option. Part of the problem, is the location of the new school, which is very limiting for planning purposes.

      I had been told that another high school is not planned and unlikely in our district, so I’m glad to be wrong if that’s the case. Still, I’m not sure that a mid-county school will do much to help us.

    • ch Says:

      I love your outlook! Unfortunately Victory does not care about the rest of us- they have considered themselves separate and elite since the community was built. What they want they think they should get. They don’t care if your kids are split up, just so long as their kids are not. Just wait for the next board meeting!

  40. Proud SJHS Parent Says:


    The mid-county HS is projected to open in 2015. It’s been delayed before, so who knows, but that’s the new date. Quite a few Benton MS neighborhoods that currently (or will in 2011) attend Brentsville HS will most likely be pulled out of that school in put in the new mid-county school. This will free up room quite a bit of room at Brentsville and, I’m sure, shift things around again in western PWC high schools. So I don’t know how worried I’d be right now about overcrowding at SJHS in 2018. 🙂

  41. Proud SJHS Parent Says:


    I’m certain the 12th HS will be constructed in mid-county — on 234 near Bristow Rd. If there’s to be another HS in western PWC, that would be the 13th HS.

    Unless you’re heard something different, in which case you’re going to have mid-county families up in arms because we’ve been waiting for our HS for many, many years. 🙂 I believe Kettle Run and the mid-county high school were supposed to break ground at the same time, until ours was pushed back until 2015 when the economy tanked this year.

    As I mentioned to 2018, the new mid-county HS will pull quite a few students out of B’ville, so an addition there may not be necessary, but who knows. That’s above my pay grade, as they like to say. 🙂

  42. strenghtenstonewall Says:

    Bristow parent, you misunderstood. I was stating that as a community that currently attends Stonewall, you are use to being picked on. Victory Lakes never came into my conversation, but since I see here that they currently attend Stonewall, then they are being picked on, too. Not sure what Victory Lakes did to you, but all of us at Stonewall are being thrown under the bus.

    If you stay at Stonewall I hope you will not transfer your kids out or move. We need parents that care.

    I hope you will fight with the board to balance the demographics at Stonewall. After you are done fighting with your neighbors, of course.

    • ch Says:

      GROW UP! Mud slinging will get you nowhere. PWCS has a zero tolerance for bullying you might want to revisit that.

  43. SJ & BDHS Parent Says:

    I am shocked people are being so indignant about going to Stonewall. It isn’t a bad school. It is a fabulous school with the best faculty in the entire county.

    As a parent with children at both Brentsville and Stonewall Jackson, I know the pros and cons at both schools, but I would happily send my younger kids to either school. Both the IB program and the Cambridge Program are great. And contrary to what some have asserted, you don’t have to be a genius to take 1 Cambridge or IB class. To take more than 1 does require a diligent student, but any decent student can handle 1 of these classes and it is good preparation for college. How do you think Stonewall steals some of its athletes from B’ville and Battlefield? It is the IB program. I think B’ville does the same thing for some of its sports.

    My neighborhood is slated for the new school in all the plans: AB & C, although I would probably choose SJ or BD over the new school since I know them so well. There have been several misconceptions about both schools in the above postings and I have to wonder do these people have kids there or are they just guessing about what it is really like.

    It is a misconception is that some how the schools are trying to take a certain demographic out of Brentsville and put it elsewhere. Look at the maps. The only kids being removed from Brentsville in any of the suggested plans are right along the Linton Hall corridor, not exactly considered an economically disadvantaged area. My kids are classified as minorities, although I think such classifications are silly. My children have a beautiful blended heritage but to all their classmates and friends, they are just what they are…great kids.

    The argument about the racial demographics between B & C is silly. Plan C has 21.4% minority and Plan B has 18.4% for Brentsville but when you multiply those out by the enrollments for each plan you get 202 (Plan C) and 197 (Plan B) at Brentsville. So a difference of 5 kids being moved out of Brentsville is suddenly segregating Brentsville? Maybe I should force my 3 younger children and my two nephews to transfer to BDHS because they alone would balance the demographics if Plan B were approved instead of Plan C? For the ED, it is a difference of 3 kids and those 3 must live in either Ashley Ridge, Bristow Village or north of 234 so it certainly isn’t that an ED neighborhood is being taken out of Brentsville to make it richer. My Brentsville Jr. laughed when I showed her the numbers and how her younger siblings and their cousins could all by themselves right the supposed segregation of Brentsville.

    I don’t believe that the parents trying to leave SJ really care that in Plan B, B’ville will have 5 fewer kids like mine and Stonewall will have 26 kids more kids like mine, they just want their kids in the new school and they are willing to dump anyone or say anything to get that done. What I don’t understand is why they are so eager to get out of Stonewall? Many kids from Sheffield Manor and Victory Lakes go to Stonewall now and only a few of the kids transfer out so those kids must be happy. They seem happy when they are at my house for sleepovers and such. I have a strong feeling that the complaining parents are those who don’t yet have high schoolers who are making a fuss about nothing. Once their kids get to SJHS, they will love the school. And if those parents don’t think their children will be happy, then they can transfer to any of the other high schools because transfers will open up again once the new school opens.

    We have the specialty programs and we have choice once the new school opens up, so just exercise that choice if you don’t like your home school. I know we’ll be exercising that choice in sending our younger ones to SJ or B’Ville.

  44. tax payer Says:

    Maybe the demos do not matter to you, but they do to me. The biggest increase in ED pop. is because Battlefield has had the coverstone cmmunity and they are being sent back to sj. Another 120 economically disadvantaged kids in sj is not a good thing. Based on a student pop of 2,000 720 students will be on free or reduced lunch at Stonewall if the county goes with plan b. With plan C, there wikk be 680. I am not sure what you find funny about those numbers. That is before all those transfers out that you talked about.

    By the way the Great Oaks community fought very hard for plan B so that they could get out of Stonewall. They are the heart shaped community next to Manassas city. Don’t you wonder how that community got moved when they are so much closer to sj then Brentsville. They presented a petition to the board asking them to go with B so they could get out of Stonewall. Why are you ignoring that? Why pretend any community would choice to be moved to Stonewall or to stay in Stonewall. Bad demos mean lower home prices. I’ve lost enough on my home already, haven’t you? Oh you’re in a neighborhood that goes to Brentsville so the huge imbalance is in your favor. No wonder it is so funny to you. Youe home prices make go up as my home goes into forclosure.

    In the 3 planning meetings the rooms were packed with scared parents. Everyone says the same thing, sense of community, yada,yada, yada. But they really were saying get us out of Stonewall before it gets worse. You may like sj and it may be a great school but it’s demos talk for themselves. I am talking about the free lunch and non english speaking pop, I don’t care about race. My children are biracial too. I work hard to provide for my kids and I don’t want them where the demos are this bad. I’m for a plan D with a balanced demos, but that will not happen. My kids will never go to Stonewall.

  45. SJ & BDHS Parent Says:

    The fact is that a home will only go into foreclosure if the owners don’t pay their mortgage. Boundary decisions do not make the bank suddenly foreclose on a home. So keep making that payment and a homeowner will be fine. As far as home values, my neighborhood’s loss was no different than the loss at Victory Lakes, so it looks like we are all at the bottom together.

    I never said that demographics themselves were funny. I was making the point that in the case of Brentsville they are talking about a difference of 3-5 students. And using a 3-5 kid difference at Brentsville to make an argument that the system is purposefully evacuating all minorities from B’ville to stick them into Stonewall is what was ridiculous, especially when it was used as an argument to get another neighborhood into the new school. It was a red herring argument. And my neighborhood is not slated for B’ville. I was clear that it is slated for the new high school.

    I am not ignoring Great Oak. I never advocated for any of the plans. I don’t care if they stay or go from Stonewall, the same for Coverstone. I merely stated that Stonewall was a terrific school and pointed out some of the misconceptions about the numbers.

    I am sorry that anyone is so against their kids going to lunch with ESOL students and those who have free lunch. Those kids will miss out on a terrific school and a chance at an incredible education.

    I am so surprised at this blatant hatred and maligning of Stonewall. Stonewall does not deserve this type of treatment. Go visit and see how great our school is. How come the people whose kids go there are saying it isn’t true and the only ones who seem to be saying such things have no kids in that high school?

  46. tax payer Says:

    Don’t get so to worked up. My home is safe. I paid for it. And I don’t live anywhere near you or Stonewall so my children are safe! I was doing my own little red herring. I knew not to buy any where near Stonewall. I saw the writing on the wall a long time ago. Best of luck to those of you who didn’t.

  47. pwceducationreform Says:

    I’m not sure that an option D is going to happen, but why do Sheffield and Victory have to got to SJHS? I can understand why they are within that boundary now, what with Brentsville at 140%, but why would they have to go there AFTER the new school is built? What would the enrollment numbers be at the 11th school if Victory and Sheffield were assigned to the 11th school and New Bristow Village went to Brentsville?

    Just a thought……

    • Exactly Says:

      Thank you for posting this question. Plan C was developed because the Victory Lakes community brought strong compelling arguments to the planning committee. It would not have been presented to the board if it did not have merit.

      As a resident of VL, I am proud of our ability to pull together and present our case effectively. I am not opposed to inclusion of Sheffield Manor and I respect their efforts as well.

      Sheffield Manor and Victory Lakes are two strong and separate communities that have advocated for the children. We have much in common and it is sad to see that this issue is causing conflicts between our two communities. Sadder still that one would consider VL as throwing SM under a bus for not advocating for them during the planning process. It was not our right or role to determine what parents of SM or any other community should stand for. We were not asked by SM to join them during the planning process, nor were they asked to join VL. Such an all alliance may have beneficial but it was not formed. We did and continue to act as two strong and separate communities.

  48. 7yr SM Resident Says:

    I have lived in my community for the last 7 years and it is sad to see what is happening. Would I like my kids to attend the new high school? Yes, it is closer to my community, here in the Linton Hall Corridor. But if my kids cannot attend then yes I would like Sheffield Manor and Victory Lakes to attend SJHS together. I’m not trying to throw Victory Lakes people under the bus, I’m just using the same logic for my kids. I want them to attend school (either 11th H.S. or SJHS) with their friends (school, soccer, church, scouts, etc). An earlier post states that we in Sheffield Manor abandoned our friends at Victory Lakes when we did not petition to stay at Marsteller Middle. Funny I don’t remember it that way at all. The school board is smart enough to realize that we all could not go to a wonderful new school. The parents in Victory Lakes were fine with sending their kids to the overcrowded Marsteller because you thought it would increase your chances of attending Brentsville or the 11th H.S.. Anything to keep from going to SJHS, even if it meant stuffing your kids in trailers at Marsteller. Sheffield Manor DID NOT abandon you. But let’s go with your argument that you want your kids to move up with your fellow Marsteller students living in Braemar. Does Sheffield Manor get to have the same treatment? Can my kids move up with their fellow students from Glenkirk Elementary and all go to the 11th H.S. See where your logic does not work. If Victory is allowed to follow the Braemar students then Sheffield Manor is allowed to follow the Glenkirk students. In the end the school board needs to balance what is best for all the schools. I wish they would throw out all the plans and come out with a plan that truly addresses all the pros and cons of each school. Oh and by the way, all the communities that attend Victory Elementary School would like it if Victory Lakes would correct it’s sign on the corner or Sudley Manor and Tygart Drive. The correct name of the school is Victory Elementary School NOT Victory Lakes Elementary School. We would like it if you weren’t so obvious in your dislike of all the other communities around you.

  49. VL Resident/SJHS Parent Says:

    I just wanted to add my own comments to what I’ve been reading here:
    1. The biggest problem/challenge for this boundary issue is the proximity of the new HS to Brentsville, which makes it very hard to establish good boundaries, since several communities are in close proximity to both schools. It’s too bad the school board couldn’t find another property more central to the Linton Hall corridor.
    2. In speaking of his/her perfect Plan D, Proud SJHS Parent wrote it would “Keep the Bristow community together at the same high school instead of splitting it between SJ and Kettle Run.” You seem to be under the impression that the “Bristow Community” consists only of VL, SM, Lanier Farms, etc. on the Northeastern side of Linton Hall in the SJHS boundary. Don’t forget that Braemar, Foxborough and Ashley’s Ridge communities, etc. are also part of the “Bristow Community.” All of these neighborhoods, which go to Marsteller, are slated to go the new HS under Plan B1, while VL and Crossman’s Creek are sent to SJHS. That’s the “Bristow Community” to my middle schooler.
    3. Linton Hall Road is NOT the definitive boundary line between SJHS and the new HS. In addition to Saybrooke and the YFT area being pulled into the new HS from the VL side of Linton Hall, some communities further up the road, such as Amberleigh Station, Rocky Hill Estates, Silver Leaf, and the tiny new development at the corner of Devlin and Linton Hall (I believe it’s called Turning Leaf, by NVP)are also pulled into the new HS from the northern (VL) side of Linton Hall.
    4. The Somerset Crossing neighborhood ON THE OTHER SIDE OF RT. 29 is pulled into the new HS boundary. Rt. 29 should be the dividing line, and this side of 29 should go to Battlefield, even if it means Battlefield will be a bit more overcrowded in several years. Even if they hit 112% capacity in a few years it will still be manageable, and they will have over 400 students less than they currently have.
    5. Someone had mentioned that it would be silly to send the Virginia Oaks and other communities off of/near Rt. 29 to SJHS, since they would have to pass VL and SM to do so. However, taking Wellington Rd., SJHS is about 2 mile further than the new HS for those communities. Note that it’s almost 2 miles (1.7 to be exact) further for my child to attend SJHS than the new HS from my home in VL. In addition, those communities are being booted from Battlefield and will have to change schools at this point anyway. Why not try this scenario? I’m sure there would be a huge outcry, but why not give those communities the “opportunity” to experience SJHS? I’m willing to bet the demographics that everyone has been discussing here would be way better under this option.
    6. The heart-shaped area that currently lies in the SJHS boundary, but will change to Brentsville under Plan B1, should stay at SJHS if they want to avoid changing schools every few years. As I understand, the 12th HS will be built mid-county sometime around 2015, and will affect that collection of neighborhoods. Also, as I have heard, there is a 60% transfer out rate for students in that area anyway, with most of them transferring to OP – is that true? Otherwise, letting them all move to Brentsville will not put that school over capacity (i.e., in a modified plan C) according to the numbers for 2011 and 2015 in the “Projected High school Students by Planning Zone” document at the PWCS website.
    7. Speaking of transferring out, don’t count on having the specialty programs open up for future years at all of the schools once the new one is built. Two years after Battlefield was built, when our first child was ready to go to high school, they closed off the IT program to transfers because the SCHOOL was 600 students overcrowded. The planning office apparently never saw that one coming. We only learned this when the transfer application was denied, too late to try elsewhere.
    8. Someone above stated “Many kids from Sheffield Manor and Victory Lakes go to Stonewall now and only a few of the kids transfer out so those kids must be happy.” My child had virtually no choice to go anywhere else. He currently attends SJHS, and contrary to all of the other comments I have read here, he does not care for it or the IB program, although all of his core classes are IB, as he was hoping that the IB aspect would make it more interesting. However, he finds that he is given a lot of “busy work,” which he despises, since he does not believe it further enhances his grasp of the lessons presented. He wanted to attend the IT program, but that program was, and remains, closed to transfers, as does Brentsville’s program. Perhaps the county needs to rethink the specialty program policies, and move them out of schools that are too overcrowded to ones (like SJHS) that are less crowded. That would help ensure school choice for all, and would probably give the demographics a boost as well.

  50. Rising9thgrader Says:

    I just want to make a couple of comments about what 7yr SM Resident posted above. My daughter is a rising 9th grader and is currently at Marsteller. That school is a great school. I would send her there if they had 50 trailers! So, please, please do not lump all the VL parents in one pile and say we sent them there to better our chances to go to the new HS. Under Plan B1, VL is the ONLY community that goes to Marsteller that will NOT be able to go to the new HS. Is that also the case for Sheffield? I don’t know your feeder pattern, so I don’t know the answer to that. Anyway, because of this, the ONLY people my daughter would know next year going into 9th grade at Stonewall are other 9th graders she knows in Victory Lakes. That number is 4 – 4 friends – that’s it! Marsteller is a huge school, and only a small number of those kids come from Victory Lakes for any given grade level. Most of her friends are from Braemer and Nokesville just because of the sheer volume of kids that come from those areas. Because she will know virtually know one, and might not even get in the same classes as those 4 friends anyway, we decided to also consider Osbourn Park as a HS for her to attend. Osbourn Park actually made the most sense to us – she has great grades, loves science and is in the Math and Science Program at Marsteller. Being a teenager, she definitely wanted to stick with her friends. If Battlefield were open to transfers, she probably would have gone there because she could be with her friends AND get into a “science-oriented” curriculum. But since virtually all of her friends are either all going to Nokesville or Battlefield, as far as “remaining with friends” is concerned, it didn’t make any difference to her whether she went to Stonewall or Osbourn. I’ll tell you, she is heartbroken and I do expect many tears on the last day of school.

  51. 7yr SM Resident Says:

    Marsteller is a fantastic school and no way was I trying to say it was not. I just can’t figure why there was no load cry that Victory Lakes was being excluded from a new school. That is because those on the boundary committee wanted to stay at Marsteller because it fit their grand plan on not attending SJHS. And yes Sheffield Manor is the only large player at Gainesville Middle that is going to SJHS. All of the friends my kids make from Glenkirk while in middle school will be going to the new H.S.. Why are the friendships that Victory Lakes kids make in middle school more important than the friends my kids make in middle school. In fact if plan C is approved my kids will not have any friends from Elementary or Middle school. For them it will be like we moved to a whole different state and only a few familiar faces from their street (ie 4 kids out of 2000). I just believe we all need to stick together. I would love for all of us to go to the 11th H.S. but if that is not possible, please give my kids some hope that the friendships they form in church, scouts, sports and yes even as far back as their elementary days @ Victory count for something.

  52. 7yr SM Resident Says:

    Exactly has made a wonderful observation above. It stated: ” Such an all alliance may have beneficial but it was not formed.” Well, Sheffield Manor is now asking VL to form the alliance. We have come up with a plan to include all the Linton Hall Corridor communities to attend the 11th H.S. and we ask for your support. Others in this blog cannot believe that we did not join forces earlier. We have contacted the leaders of the Victory Lakes group and they have ignored our request. Not sure why, because one strong united voice can carry more weight than pitting neighbor against neighbor. No worry we at Sheffield Manor will forge ahead with our new inclusive plan, even if some, not all, of our neighbors refuse to support us.

    • 2018 Concern Says:

      I would like to see a plan that included both communities at the new school. Is it posted on a website somewhere?

      Also, has anyone actually said that Victory Lakes is more important than other communities? Maybe, VL stayed at Marstellar because they liked the school and its just down the road in Bristow, which is closer than Gainvesville, at least from my house. I can easily walk or bike there.

      Consider this: Would you support Option C if it included Sheffield at the new school in Bristow instead of VL? Or would you prefer separation from your middle school community to attend SJHS in Manassas with VL – provided that those were the only options being considered.

      Good luck, I hope to see a better option considered.

  53. Happy SJHS Family Says:

    7yr SM Resident:

    Earlier, you indicated that you had no problem with SM and VL continuing (and the key word is continuing) to attend SJHS. In fact, VL and SM probably WILL continue to attend SJHS together if Plan B-1 is adopted.

    And then you announce that SM has come up w/ an alternative plan that will keep all Bristow communities together at the new 11th HS.

    I have to ask, under the new VL plan, which neighborhoods would you move to SJHS, given that your plan takes all of the Bristow area off the table? And do you expect those communities to simply comply with your proposal, especially now that so many of you have declared to anyone who will listen that you don’t believe SJHS is an acceptable school for YOUR children?

    It appears the wonderful SJHS staff, students, families are the ones being thrown under the bus.

    I sincerely hope the school board keeps VL and SM at Stonewall, which is currently under capacity. There is no need to reduce overcrowding at SJHS, hence no need to move any community out of SJHS into B’ville or the 11th HS.

    I have a student a SJHS who has several friends from VL and SM, all of whom are very happy at SJHS, yet they report that VL and SM representatives have been going door-to-door in those communities asking residents to sign petitions urging the school board to move VL and SM out of Stonewall. Those families have refused to sign the petitions, which means support for your efforts is hardly unanimous.

    • 2018 Concern Says:

      Capacity is a constraint, but school assignments should not be made solely on that factor. Suggesting that any neighborhood should stay at a particular school, even if it is disruptive to neighorhoods or kids, just because a school is not currently overcapacity is the wrong approach and ignores other factors.

      Additionally, Stonewall IS projected to be over capacity by more than 600 students in 2018, which is only 7 years after opening. That is really not that far away in planning terms. A new school in the mid-county area is probably not going to be able to easily relive that.

  54. Happy SJHS Family Says:

    According to the Power Point presentation to the PWCS board on May 6 (which is now up on the PWCS.edu website), the planning commission was only charged with balancing enrollment for the first three years after the 11th HS opens.

    “11th HS Boundary & Student Housing Goals
    The Planning Office’s goal is to:

    Formulate boundary plans that MEET student housing NEEDS in western Prince William County.

    Balance the enrollment at the affected High schools for a period of three years after the opening of the 11thHS. ”

    Honestly, given the transience and uncertain economy, it makes little sense to project population at any school much beyond that.

    Further, on page 22 of the Powerpoint, SJHS is the only school that will still be at low (<100) capacity under Plan B-1, while none of the schools will be at elevated capacity under any of the plans in 2015.

    You can see the Powerpoint here:


    • 2018 Concern Says:

      Considering the impact beyond 3 years makes sense to someone with kids going to high school beyond that time frame. In fact, three years out seems remarkabley short.

      I understand the planning department’s charge and respect that they have developed alternatives accordingly. My point, is that the actual impact of this decision will extend beyond 3 years, so the board should consider the actual impacts.

      Also, it is not difficult to forecast a reasonable estimate more than a few years out. Their current estimates should already take into account the poorer economic conditions.

      The next new school will need to accomodate overcrowding at several other schools in mid-county. The uncertainties in the economy may also mean that another school may be delayed and excaberate the situation. Will the board re-open this can of worms without the impetus of a new school being constructed?

  55. 7yr SM Resident Says:

    I have not seen the particulars of this new proposed plan, so I will wait to send my letters to the School Board. I will not support a plan that does not include all the communities in the Linton Hall Corridor. However, my understanding is that the plan has all of the communities attending either Brentsville or the 11th high school. Personally, my beef is not whether my children attend SJHS. I have spoken to students, teachers, and parents of SJHS. I know the merits of the school. Their IB program is ranked in the top 20 of the entire USA!!! The west county governor’s school students will most likely spend a ½ day at SJHS enrolled in IB course work not offered at George Mason University. I just want my kids to go to school (whether it is the 11th H.S. or SJHS) with kids they know. I know the parents in Victory Lakes prefer Plan C. Well Plan C is the worst plan for my kids. IF that plan is adopted then our community is the ONLY community in the Linton Hall Corridor that is not going to a west county high school. Can someone tell me the logic in that option. Would I like my kids to go to a school that is closer to home and sends all the other kids at Marsteller and Gainesville Middle school to west county schools. Yes, I would and that is why I’m asking the School Board to review other options. But if the only plans the School Board will consider are the proposed plans, then this family does not want it’s community to be the only one bussed to Manassas. If given the only choice between B1 or C – Then I say pick B1.

  56. Exactly Says:

    7 year SM resident:

    I’m not a “leader” but I have been very active. I meet and talk with many groups in VL. I am willing to meet with your “leader”. I also talk regularly with many of my friends in SM and they have never told me that you or they wanted to meet with us. So what you are saying is news to me. Maybe you are talking to the wrong people.

    We have a website for our community if you want to reach more VL stop at the clubhouse and ask Gloria if she will post your information or that of your leaders. Or post who you think I should contact on here on this site and I will call them. I’d post my name and number but obviously that is not a good idea considering the hatred that is building up on this site.

    • 7yr SM Resident Says:

      Thanks I will pass on this info to those leading the charge at Sheffield Manor.

    • 7yr SM Resident Says:

      The residents of Sheffield Manor, Lanier Farms and Barretts Crossing will be meeting to discuss the new inclusive plan. Please take the time to drive through the community for the place/time. I encourage any VL residents who would like to support another option that sends their kids to the 11th H.S. to attend and hear them out. I strongly believe that we have a stronger voice if we present the board with an inclusive united plan. Plan C pits neighbor v. neighbor and I cannot see the board supporting a measure that will split the 2 neighborhoods. We need support from all the communities, however, the VL leaders continue to refuse support for this plan so please talk it over with your friends.

      • Exactly Says:

        I have yet to be contacted by anyone in your community and as stated before I am open to hearing your side.

        I would like to attend your meeting tonight but I am concerned about how your neighbors will feel about our presence. Can you assure me that we in VL are invited? Can you place a flyer at our clubhouse inviting us so that we can bring it to the meeting? Otherwise many MS residences will believe that we are there to “spy” on them and because of this I will not attend without the ability to prove that I was invited. I do not want to encourage any further slandering of my neighbors and friends by people that may not be aware of your invitation.

        Additionally, my willingness to attend and to listen is not a show of support for your new plan. I have not seen your plan and can not blindly support it or any other plan that is not yet developed or shared with my community.

    • 7yr SM Resident Says:

      I can speak for my family and those I have spoken to, we will not tolerate anyone attacking residents of Victory Lakes!!!! We have invited our own personal friends from Victory Lakes to come out and hear about the plan. And many are attending. I will tell you like I told them. Please take the time to listen to our plan. Even if you want to continue supporting Plan C why not ask the Board to look at both plans. The way things are proposed now there are 2 plans on the table that do not include VL attending the new high school. Why wouldn’t you want to increase your odds of succeeding. I just feel that united we are a stronger voice. If VL argument hinges on the middle school friendships made at Marsteller, I hate to tell you but the exact same argument can be made by Sheffield Manor at Gaineville Middle. And the school board knows it. I would never ask you to support something blindly, so please take our invitation and join other from Victory Lakes to just hear us out. I would love to give you my personal e-mail but their are those on both sides of this coin who would not support our efforts. I am already seeing this affect Victory Elementary and I do not like it. My kids still have several years at that school and the hard feeling need to stop!!!

  57. Exactly Says:

    Happy SJHS

    I’m not sure which parents you have talked to but I would agree that many VL residences are happy with SJHS. This does not mean that they do not support plan c. Our petitions are being signed by the majority of VL residences. But the happiness of our current VL residences at SJ was never our the point or our overriding concern.

    There is a strong misconception that we have no valid reasons for asking to be moved to the new high school so I’d like to explain. It is not a strong dislike or bad taste for Manassas or Stonewall that is driving me or my friends to ask to be in the 11th high school. We do not have strong concerns about the academics at SJ, we do recognize that it is a school of excellence.
    Our reason is and always has been that live in the Linton Hall area in Bristow and attend Marstellar Middle. Our middle school feeds up to the 11th high school and Brentsville with only two exceptions, VL and a small community next to us. In plan c that small community and VL will feed up to the 11th high school. Ideally every school in PWC would have a feeder pattern like that in Fairfax where all middle school student move up together the same high school. Having Marstellar only feed to only two high schools is closer to that ideal and it does make sense. Many districts in PWC have very clear feeder patterns and it would benefit the west side of the county to work towards it and not further away. Plan c does move closer, where plan b does not.

    I do not speak for everyone, only my friends. I assure you that my friends are not bigots or fearful of Manassas or SJHS. I have lived in PWC for 12 years. Five of them in Manassas where I have made long and very valuable friendships. I am sorry that it would appear to anyone that we, VL, as a community would do anything to harm those at SJHS. We have not spoken badly about Stonewall and we never intend to.

    I know there is a lot of short sited, nasty comments on this blog. They are encouraging rumors and assumptions about our motivations, but I hope you will consider all sides. These blogs are anonymous so the speakers are often misrepresenting themselves to accomplish their goals. For many slandering VL does accomplish their goals, so please consider the source.

    We stated our case to the planning committee in 3 open sessions and the powers that be saw our points as valid and they delivered a plan c. You can hear and see us on TV at the recorded school board meeting, you will know that we never made this about Stonewall nor did we slander Stonewall or any other neighborhood.

    We continue to respectfully ask the board to consider the impact of all the plans that were submitted and to vote for a plan that places Crossman’s Creek and VL in the 11th high school.

  58. Happy SJ & BDHS Parent Says:

    Why doesn’t the planning committee just take VL, Crossmans and SM and move all of them to Gainesville Middle together, then all 3 neighborhoods could go on to SJ together? That would solve everyone’s problems with keeping the kids together,plus it would help SJ’s numbers and help overcrowding at the new high school. I know Marsteller is still overcrowded so it would also give relief to Marsteller. Gainesville is not overcrowded so they could fit the additional students.

  59. Exactly Says:


    The option of move more kids into Gainesville is not on the table. The board is not considering changing middle school boundaries at this time. I do not know the numbers at Gainesville, but I do know that boundaries do not change without a huge process.
    The school board spent a great deal of time and money studying, planning, recommending, voting and implementing the Gainesville Middle School boundaries two years ago. They believed then that they should drew a line that would send SM to one middle school and VL to another. They had what they believed to be very valid reasons for their line based on current and future projections. I have not studied that plan so I do not know what those reasons were, but I doubt the board will be revisting their deecision anytime soon.

    On plan c that line that I talked about is in the same exact place as it is with the middle school boundary. Plan c is consistent with the board’s plan that was developed two years ago for what the planning committee is now calling the Sudley Manor/Devlin Corridor.

    Again we respectfully ask the board to vote for a plan that includes Crossman Creek and Victory Lakes in the 11 th high school with their middle school peers.

  60. 7yr SM Resident Says:

    Masteller currently operates at a 112% capacity. Gainesville Middle School currently operates at a 84% capacity. There is no middle school planned for the west county in the CIP for the next 9 years. There is no way that the middle school boundary will not be addressed in the next few years.

  61. Exactly Says:

    This is up to the school board, but I would not be so sure. Boundaries change based on the addition of a new school, not the overcrowding of a current one. I do believe that the development that is planned off of Wellington Road (Wentsworth Green?) is very large and it is slotted for both Stonewall HS and Gainesville MS, planning would have taken it into consideration when drawing the middle school lines. Gainesville MS will be overcrowded
    very quickly if the market starts to recover. The growth at Marstellar should not be as rapid since almost everything is built out without it’s boundaries.
    Things are not always as simple as they seem and that is why the planning committee has to pay close attention to the boundaries that they do establish.

  62. Proud SJ Parent Says:

    2018 Concern // May 14, 2009 at 10:12 am | wrote :

    I don’t know the total number of households in VL and SM, but I’ve been to both many, many times when my D has visited her SJHS friends, and I know there have to be several hundred homes between the two of them.

    There’s no way you can pull those communities out of SJHS without inducing severe adverse consequences the school. So, yes, I think the fact that SJHS is under capacity — and will be until at least 2015 — is reason enough to keep both those communities at their current high school: SJHS.

    I don’t know from where else you could pull households into SJHS in sufficient numbers to backfill the vacancies left by removing VL and SM.

    Schools get their funding based on the enrolled number of students. SJ is already under capacity — any further decrease in the number of students will mean reduced numbers of classes offered and teacher destaffing — which means higher teacher/student ratios.

    A smaller student body means fewer students to field the sports teams, marching band, orchestra and choirs. There could well be fewer school-sponsored clubs due to lack of student interest and inability to find teachers to sponsor the groups.

    The PWCS School Board has to keep the best interests of ALL schools and families, not just those in the Bristow area.

    SJHS was renovated top-to-bottom within the past three years. There is no way the Board can justify keeping that school under capacity, and they most certainly cannot justify reassigning VL and SM to another HS. SJHS has been the assigned school for both communities since the day the first resident unloaded a moving van. You bought your homes knowing SJHS is your assigned school, no matter what your realtor, new neighbors, or builder might have told you about a new high school. One Bristo parent made a comment earlier in the week that, if Plan B-1 were adopted, they would work to make sure SJHS became the best school in western Prince William County. I hope that is the attitude of the entire SM and VL community. I know many SM and VL parents of current SJ students who are very involved in the school, so I hope you will continue that tradition.

    • 2018 Concern Says:

      Proud SJ Parent,

      We will just have to disagree on this point. I don’t feel it is the responsibility of students to fill empty seats if it is not in the their best intersts when other options are available.

      And remember, SJHS is a larger capacity school than the most other schools in our district. Even under capacity, SJHS still has more students the new high school, Battlefield, and is more than twice as populated as Brentsville in 2014.

      An undercapacity SJHS makes it more balanced with other schools in the district (still larger) and creates more opportunities for students at SJHS to make the various sports teams or clubs.

    • ch Says:


  63. Proud SJ Parent Says:

    I tried cutting and pasting from 2018 Concern’s post, but it’s not visible in my post immediately before this.

    I was responding to this observation by 2018 Concern:

    “Capacity is a constraint, but school assignments should not be made solely on that factor. Suggesting that any neighborhood should stay at a particular school, even if it is disruptive to neighorhoods or kids, just because a school is not currently overcapacity is the wrong approach and ignores other factors.”

    Sorry about any confusion!

  64. Exactly Says:

    SJ parent

    I understand that you were addressing 2018, but I wanted to provide you with some numbers and also point out plan b1 other communities are being pulled out of SJ, neither plan leaves Stonewall untouched.

    When you look at the numbers below you will see that Plan C does not decrease the numbers of students in Stonewall, in fact, it increases them when compared to plan B1.

    Here are the numbers:

    Stonewall 2011 91% capacity in Plan C
    87.1% capacity in Plan B1

    Stonewall 2012 93.8% capacity in Plan C
    89.9% capacity in Plan B1

    Stonewall 2013 97.3% capacity in Plan C
    93.5% capacity in Plan B1

    Stonewall 2014 102% capacity in Plan C
    98.9% capacity in Plan B1

    These are directly off of the the proposed boundaries plans.

  65. VL Resident/SJHS Parent Says:

    Yes, SJ is under capacity – but you have to remember that SJ’s capacity is almost 400 students (1,300 when it comes to Brentsville)more than all of the other western high schools, with the exception of OP. So even at 87% capacity, they still have more students than all of the other schools have when they are at 100% capacity, except OP of course.

    And yes, we did buy knowing SJ was our designated HS, but that was back before Battlefield opened, when there were many other communities that attended the school, and the performance numbers were MUCH better than they are today. Also, we were told we’d have “school choice” with the specialty programs.

  66. Proud SJ Parent Says:


    Yes, I know that B-1 pulls the Great Oaks Community of out Stonewall, and also that it returns Coverstone to SJ, which had been moved to Battlefield when it opened. But, it does leave the Bristow SJ attendance area unchanged, and that’s what the discussion has been about.

  67. Proud SJ Parent Says:


    I know what you’re saying, but Plan C just doesn’t make sense. It carves a small portion out of the OPHS and B’ville attendance area to backfill the portion of VL (at least I think that’s VL — correct me if I’m wrong) that it pulls out of the current contiguous SJHS attendance area.

    Plan C is gerrymandered and, well, silly. It just doesn’t pass the smell test.

    • ch Says:

      VL has carved our small community out of the new high school and we are the closest to the new high school. Go figure!

      • VL Resident/SJHS Parent Says:

        It wasn’t VL that carved your community out of the new high school – it was the planning office when they developed Plan C. VL residents had only asked the planning office to come up with a plan to include them in the 11th high school boundary. I’m sure some of the changes made in that plan by the planning office were done just to create controversy.

  68. BristowForMyFamily? Says:

    here’s an idea for Plan D; take all the communites north/west of glenkirk adn send them to battlefield, that way victory and shefield can go to the 11th h.s. without to much overcrowding.

  69. Another voice Says:

    Families who are north and west of Glenkirk already attend Battlefield, which is an extremely overcrowded school. The purpose of the 11th HS is to reduce overcrowded at Brentsville and Battlefield. Victory/SM already attend SJHS. Unfortunately, the planners did not accurately forecast the growth in the western PWC (and build a higher capacity HS), hence the overcrowding at Battlefield. I’m sorry, but keeping students at an overcrowded school to appease the families assigned at a school that is below 90% capacity is no solution.

    • Proud SJHS Parent Says:

      Yes, that’s it in a nutshell. Wasn’t it just a couple of years ago that Brentsville parents went to the School Board and the media complaining about the crowded conditions at BDHS? There was a story on the front page of he WaPo, rife with parents and students complaints about one-way hall ways with traffic controls, insanely early lunch shifts, and the overall stress that such overcrowded conditions caused in the school.

      So now we have Bristow-area parents saying it’s fine with them if their kids have to be crowded into trailers at the 11th HS if that’s what it takes to allow their communities to stay together at the new school.

      And meanwhile, SJHS stays under capacity.

      Does that make sense? To reiterate: The SM and VL communities propose to be removed from SJHS — their assigned high school since the day ground was broken in those subdivisions — and moved en masse to the 11th HS. Again, SJHS is under capacity, meaning that there is no need to move VL and SM out of SJHS to the 11th HS. Great Oaks was moved to OPHS, which is contiguous to their community, and Coverstone, which is contiguous to SJHS, was moved back to SJHS. And this still leaves SJHS under capacity.

      • ? Says:

        In B1 Great Oaks goes to Brentsville. In B1 and C the capacity is not low at Stonewall, but it is lower in B1, not C. In both plans more students are moved out of Brentsville and then others from Stonewall are moved into Brentsville. The new high school is not going to over capacity any sooner then the other schools. Stonewall will be the most overcrowded school in the future in both plans. All this is on PWCS.edu under 11th high school. Please read it.

      • Proud SJHS Parent Says:

        ? —

        Yes, I misspoke. Great Oaks is being reassigned to BDHS, as is my own mid-county community (in the Hoadly area): we’re being moved out of OPHS (7 miles away) to reassigned to BDHS (12.8 miles away). This is to replenish the BDHS population because so many will move to the 11th HS. How does it make sense to send us 12.8 miles to BDHS when the reason the 11th HS was built — ahead of the mid-county HS — was to relieve over crowding at BDHS and Battlefield?

        My kids will continue to go to SJHS as transfer students, so I’ll leave my neighbors to fight that battle if they’re so inclined.

        And I have read the plans, many times, but thanks for your condescending suggestion.

        I still haven’t gotten an answer to my question sabout the proposal that’s been drafted by the Sheffield Manor, Lanier Farms and Barretts Crossing communities that would redraw the current boundary so that ALL of those communities can go to 11th HS. VL is also being urged to join forces with this group so that they can make a stronger case to the board.

        1. How many totally households would your proposal remove from SJHS? Because, remember, these neighborhoods have always been assigned to SJHS.

        2. How does your group propose re-drawing the boundaries? Specifically, which communities would you move to SJHS that aren’t currently assigned there (nor would they be under any of the proposals) to compensate for the large number of students that your proposal would remove from SJHS?

  70. pwceducationreform Says:

    Here’s another option – call it B 1 (a). Looking at B 1, what if you take the green communities west / north of Glenkirk and send them to SJHS, send the green communities to the South / East of 28 to Brentsville, leave the OPHS boundary unchanged (from the old boundary), and send all of the green communities north of 28 (including VL & SM) to the 11th high school?

    I don’t know what that would do to the numbers, but does that seem reasonable?

  71. schoolsareimportant Says:

    I would like to point out that before Battlefield opened up, all of Haymarket and Braemar and Saybrooke were zoned for Stonewall. Those communities also knew when they bought they were in the SJHS boundary. What make is so different now for some communities to be zoned into a new community school (11th), similar to what occured just 5 years ago in 2004?? BTW – Braemar & Saybrooke were taken out of SJHS and aligned with the Brentville folks in 2004. They also bought into the SJHS boundary.

  72. 2018 Concern Says:

    Nice work Sheffield Manor! Best plan yet.


  73. ch Says:

    Many of you have lost sight of the real issue here- the children that are being affected by not only the new boundries, but all this back and forth negativism that the adults are doing on this blog and elsewhere. Thank God there is a higher level of authority that we are all subjected to. There are no Plans A,B, C, D etc. in heaven- we will all have to live together- that is a scary thought to some of us!!

  74. SJHS Parent Says:

    I think everyone is forgetting the big picture. The communities are not trying to bully anyone. They are trying to get what is best for their children. The planning committee and the School Board need to look at how over the years as the county has grown how they have affected the feeder patterns of the schools. They have kids at some middle schools going to at least 3 high schools, if not more.

    I have already had one child that had anxiety attacks all summer long about going to high school and didn’t want to go, because all of his friends that he made at middle school lived in a different community so they went to different high schools. I have three more coming up in the next couple of years that will be starting high school. I don’t want the same for them.

    The current HS doesn’t belong to any community right now until the School Board makes its decision. I know that I have voiced my opinion on the plans to the planning committee and the School Board. It is now in their hands to decide based on the facts and community input.

    Again I think it’s in the best interest of the kids that the planning committee and the School Board look at the issues they have causes themselves over the past couple of years with the way they have laid out the boundaries for the new elementary, middle and high schools. They didn’t consider the big picture. OUR KIDS and the friendships that they create during middle school.

  75. Monster_Mom Says:

    I’d be far more likely to “buy” the “friendships” argument if the the neighborhoods being moved around weren’t all in the same middle school boundary.

    Under plan C1 – which has been put forward under the guise of keeping the children with their middle school friends – Ashely’s Ridge and New Bristow Village will be sent to Brentsville instead of the 11th high school. Ignoring the fact that some of the streets in Ashley’s Ridge are less than 1 mile from the 11th high school, those children all attend Marsteller Middle School. Ashely’s Ridge children attend Cedar Point Elementary and live back to back with Breamar.

    So, if keeping the children together with their middle school friends is such an overriding concern, why is that concern only applied to the children in SM & VL? Do the children in Ashely’s Ridge not have any friends? Are their friendships less important than those of the children in VL & SM? Because plan C1 sends those kids away from the friends they’ve know since kindergarten.

    The argument that keeping the children with their middle school friends is of the utmost importance is bogus, because it’s predicated on moving the Ashely’s Ridge children to another school and away from the friends they’ve known since kindergarten.

    I’m sorry to say this, but the plan the county devised – plan B1 – is the most balanced plan.

    • 7yr SM Resident Says:

      I truly believe that the middle school friendships argument is a weak one. For the same reasons you have stated. I only point out that if Victory Lakes is able to prevail using that argument then the same argument should applied to the Sheffield Manor children. My argument has always been that the children of Sheffield Manor should not be the only group of students who do not attend high school in the Bristow Community. We will have two school in the Bristow Community and I for one would be happy for my kids to attend either Brentsville or the Kettle Run School. Why are neighbors so determined to keep approx 175 kids out of the 3500 high school age children living in the Bristow Community from attending any high school located in our Bristow Community.

    • VL Resident/SJHS Parent Says:

      The argument is that VL is really the only community being pulled from Marsteller to attend SJHS (along with the TINY Crossman’s Creek community). I realize that children in Ashley’s Ridge and New Bristow Village also attend Marsteller, but if they go to Brentville High School instead of the new HS, they will continue on to high school with MANY of their Marsteller peers, not just the ones in their own neighborhood. All of Nokesville, and areas extending south all the way to Quantico, as well as the communities/homes off of Vint Hill and Fitzwater Drive along the Faquier border west of the new HS are in the Marsteller Middle School boundary and will also attend Brentsville. Compare the middle school and proposed high school boundary maps and you will see this.

  76. 11th High School – new thread « PWC Education Reform Blog Says:

    […] For the article summarizing the PWCS proposed plans and the more than 100 comments, please click here. […]

  77. pwceducationreform Says:

    Comments are now closed for this thread. Please see the 11thHigh School – New Thread for comments. Thank You.

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