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Editors Comment – this article was corrected due to inaccurate demographic data.  Plan B1 provides the most balanced enrollment of the 4 “active” plans, not the most balanced demographics.

Because the comments have gotten rather long, the issue is changing rapidly, and emotions are running high, the moderators thought a new thread dedicated to the 11th High School Boundary issue might be in order.  We have closed comments on the other articles – which are linked below so that you can review them.

To recap, there are currently 3 “active” plans on the PWCS web site:
Plan A1
Plan B1
Plan C

There is also a new, citizen developed plan listed as active on the PWCS web site, Plan C1

Plan B1 was recommended by the planning office to the school board.

Commentary received at this site indicate that most of the debate is focused on the following issues:

  • demographic balance / inbalance at SJHS
  • keeping Victory Lakes / Sheffield Manor together
  • keeping Great Oaks / Mayfield Trace together
  • ensuring that Marsteller feeds the fewest HS’s possible
  • keeping Marsteller students together

Plan B1 results in overcrowding at 1 of the 5 west end schools by 2014, feeds Marsteller students to three different high schools, keeps VL & SM together at SJHS, and keeps the Great Oaks / Mayfield Trace communities together by reassigning them from SJHS to Brentsville.  Under this plan SJHS is below 90% capacity in 2011 but returns to 90% capcaity by 2012.

Plan C  results in slight overcrowding at the 11th HS school by 2014, sends Marsteller students to two different high schools instead of three, breaks VL & SM children apart by sending SM children to SJHS and VL children to the 11th high school, sends Ashley’s Ridge children to Brentsville instead of the 11th High School, and breaks the Great Oaks / Mayfield Trace communities apart by sending the communities on the Godwin Road side of 234 to SJHS  and the communities on the Lucasville Road side of 234 to Brentsville.  Under this plan SJHS never drops below 90% capacity, but Brentsville is below 90% capacity until 2014.

Plan C1 is almost the same as plan C, but it sends both SM & VL to the 11th High School.  As a result, overcrowding at the 11th high school under plan C1 is an issue from the day the school opens while SJ and Brentsville remain under capacity.  Under plan C1 both SJHS and Brentsville are below 90% capacity until 2014.

Several other articles have been posted to this blog regarding the 11th high school boundaries.

For the article summarizing the PWCS proposed plans and the more than 100 comments, please click here.

For the email send from the Committee to Keep Marsteller Together regarding their support for plan C, click here.


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  1. Exactly Says:


    Note need for correction:

    Plan B1 is the least demographically balanced. Plan C is the most demographically balanced, and was recognized as such by Milt Johns during the recorded school board meeting on May 6th.

    If you have numbers that show else wise please share them and your source.

  2. pwceducationreform Says:

    The article has been corrected. Plan B1 provides the most balanced ENROLLMENT of the active plans, not the most balanced demographics.

  3. Sheffield Manor Speaks Up « PWC Education Reform Blog Says:

    […] National Academic Standards ← 11th High School – new thread […]

  4. pwceducationreform Says:

    Sheffield Manor has responded to the VL letter. You can find their response in this article.


  5. Proud SJHS Student Says:

    I am a full IB student at Stonewall Jackson. I have been there for 4 years and am graduating June 11th this year. I was scared due to all of the rumors when I first came to Stonewall. It has a very bad reputation however, it is only rumors. There have been fewer drug busts and fights in our school over the past few years then in OP. I feel that if you are going to talk badly about a school that I as a student have worked hard to better and would proudly support, then you should at least go to the school and talk with the IB coordinator Mrs. Ellis. Our teachers in the IB program are excellent and she is a wonderful coordinator. I have gone on several trips to Marsteller (the middle school I came from) with her to support the school and to talk with parents of current middle schoolers or rising 9th graders. Many feel much better about the school after talking with an actual student who has been there and knows the ropes. If you do not, that is your opinion but please do not speak badly about a school unless you have taken the time to visit it and give it a real chance. I promise you that Stonewall is no worse than OP, Osbourn, or any other High school. We are a diverse school, yes, but I feel that people think that just because we are diverse that we are bad. The fact of the matter is, that life is diverse and for those who are trying to protect their children from a diverse culture, are not doing them any favors. Colleges favor AP and IB not the Cambridge program although I am very sure that it is a good one. However, after visiting JMU, UVA, William and Mary, University of Mary Washington and Christopher Newport, each and every one of their Dens said that they prefer AP and IB students. I will be attending JMU and with my IB scores will be able to opt out of some classes due to taking IB. It also prepares students for the work load in college. I know how to manage my time with full IB and doing 2 sports, being Vice president of out Leadership class. IB challenges students on not just a written testing level. AP has students taking a 1 year course and taking a test at the end of the year. IB however, tests them orally, has a written test, also has students participating the CAS (community service hours) which helps the school and gets kids involved. We have so many opportunities and it’s upsetting knowing that people judge my school because of its diversity. Also, as a side note, the kids that people see walking in front of our school all the time that look like “bad kids” are not even our kids. The bus for “New Directions” (the G.E.D school down the road) drops them off at the mall and they have to walk in front of our school. That’s not our students skipping.
    I know this was a long message, but for the past 3 years I have been trying to make parents understand that we are NOT a bad school. If you do not want to send your child here, that is fine, but please do not try and use rumors as facts here. I go to this school and I can tell you what is, and is not true. I have been given nothing less than the best education there and even though I started out wanting to go to B-vile to be with my friends, I have found that I am glad I did not. If you do not believe me, please visit our school, we allow you to sit in during our classes to watch, Mrs. Ellis will give you a tour and explain everything. At least have enough respect to do that before you continue to say that Stonewall is a terrible school because I can tell you for a fact, that it is not.

  6. speaking words of wisdom... Says:


    comments edited by the moderators

  7. pwceducationreform Says:

    Please be advised that while we try encourage an open exchange of ideas and concerns here, bashing others and making racist comments, even in jest, will not be tolerated.

    Thank You.

  8. IMNHO Says:


    I read the post above before you deleted and there was nothing racist about it. It seemed to be a tongue-in-cheek response by a SJ student to the baseless attacks on SJHS that were made in comments on the previous (now locked) thread. Why were the following comments in that thread allowed to remain?

    (This is the very first comment of 109, and it certainly bashes the SJ population) —


    *My kids do not go to stonewall and I am very happy they never will. Call me an elitist, snob or whatever, I don’t care. The safety and education of my kids is my main concern. My children will never go to a school with that many economic disadvantaged children.

    *You may like sj and it may be a great school but it’s demos talk for themselves. I am talking about the free lunch and non english speaking pop… My kids will never go to Stonewall.
    You can run your blog as you see fit, but a consistent comment policy might be helpful.

    • Proud SJHS Student Says:

      Thank you!
      You all must understand that us, as VERY PROUD SJHS students feel very much attacked by all of these “concerned” parents. You are not only insulting my school, but my education and thus me as well. If you want your student to be safe and get an amazing education why are they NOT at stonewall? Do your research first people! Due to our bad image we have some of the best security guards ever so no one can even so much as slap another student before they get thrown out in suspension or expulsion. Have you even looked at the other schools? Like I said, OP and Hylton have had more drug busts and fights than us so please, I’ll ask again, PLEASE get your facts straight and stop listening to the kids 5 blocks down going to B-vile because they were scared of a little diversity in their school. Nothing the above post said was really racist it was the truth. Parents are scared to send their kids to stonewall because everyone is the minority here. We have just as many Blacks, Hispanics, Pakistanis, etc as we do whites. It’s called a dose of the real world and trying to send your child to an all white school is not doing them any favors.
      I’m not trying to get you to send your kid here, I’m perfectly happy with getting the highest level of education in a diverse school while your student gets a moderate one in a school where white is the majority. I want you to stop with the bashing! This is our school and we have worked hard to show people like the parents who posted those comments that they are wrong! Come to our school, walk our halls and tell me if you see anything wrong with it other than the fact that white isn’t the only color you see.

  9. outraged at sjhs Says:

    I honestly cannot believe that these ignorant and closed minded comment’s are coming from parents. At the same time I am not at all suprised. The same things that these parents are saying I hear from their children as well and the big ignorant apple doesnt fall very fall from the big ignorant tree. If you think you are keeping you children “safe” by sending your children to these other school think again. There is just as much, if not MORE, substance abuse and gang violence at the schools that your children go to. You might want to check out what your “precious angel” has stashed under their pillow cases. I am an extremely PROUD SHJHS student and I would love if some of these “educated, caring parents” would get some correct facts before lashing out on a subject of which all of their knowledge comes rumors. I am and African American student here at Stonewall Jackson, I am in the IB program, I have good grades, I am the secratary of my class, I participate in the many clubs that Stonewall offers and I have friends of every size shape and color. This school has given me opportunities I know that I never would have received at many of the other schools in this county. I cannot imagine carrying out my education anywhere else. If you want your children to go to a school that will prepare them for the real world send them to Stonewall. They will learn to interact with people of every kind. However, if you share the same outrageous sentiments of these other parents, please do whatever it takes to keep them out. We do not need your ignorance to shine on through them and bring the reputation of this fine establishment down any longer.

  10. Exactly Says:


    Would you consider pulling all the comments? Some wrote to share facts and while others wrote to express their concerns. Some just wanted to insult others. Now is the time for us to move on and support our schools. I am ready to give SJHS my all and I hope that everyone will do that for the school that they are now assigned to. I see no further need for this blog and believe that it will not benefit anyone to maintain it.

    Thank you for you consideration,

    A future, proud Stonewall Raider.

  11. Exactly Says:

    Just to clarify. It is not the students’ comments or the facts that I am concerned with. The kids have put many parents to shame. Too many people are judging SJHS, most of whom do not attend school there. Stonewall should not have to defend. That is why I’d like to see those comments removed. Many are so harmful and they can not help anyone by staying here. Thank you.

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