11th High School Boundary Controversy

Seems the discussions with the 11th High School Boundaries have gotten a bit heated.  Below is a summary of the plans to date.  The graphics on the PWCS web site are difficult to read, and thus, prohibit determining the specific location of each boundary.

The plan calls for risings 9th and 10th grade students to move to their new schools, rising 11th graders to be given a one-time option to move to their new school or remain at the current one, while rising 12th graders remain at their current school.

None of the plans provide a long term solution to overcrowding in the western end of the county.  By 2014 all of the schools in the western end of the county will be above capacity with capacity rising each year.

There are two proposed plans, A and B.

Click here to view the current plans.

Plan A

The boundary for Battlefield is changed such that a few of the communities along 29 south of Haymarket will be assigned to the 11th High School.  Unfortunately the plan posted on the PWCS web site is neither detailed nor clear enough to determine which communities.

The boundary for Brentsville includes students from the rural crescent and Bristow Village.

The boundary for the 11th high school extends across 29 and includes most of the communities to the south of Linton Hall Road.  Several communities from the Haymarket side of 29 are moved from Battlefield to the 11th high school.  The Linton Hall Road communities attending the 11th high school include, but are not limited to: Virginia Oaks and it’s surrounding communities,  Brook Side, Glenkirk, Morris Farms, Kingsbrooke, Bridlewood, Braemar, Saybrook, and Ashely’s Ridge. The boundary appears to end at Route 28.

Stonewall’s boundary doesn’t change significantly.  Victory, Sheffield Manor, Independence, and the communities to the North of Linton Hall Road along Devlin, Sudley Manor, and Wellington Roads will be assigned to Stonewall.  Amberleigh Station, based on the maps on the PWCS web site, appears to be in Stonewall’s district.

Osbourn Park’s boundary appears to be unchanged.

Plan B

Plan B differs from Plan A in that it moves Bristow Village and the communities around it to the 11th High School and keeps a number of the communities on the Haymarket side of 29 at Battlefield.  The boundary for Stonewall is expanded to the north to Pageland Road.  Osbourn Park and Brentsville’s boundaries are unchanged from Plan A.


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