2009 VA SOLs

In February the State Board of Education approved the revised Standards for learning for Mathematics.  The revised SOLs are not posted on the Va DOE web site, yet, but are available in the agenda to the State Board of Education February 19 meeting (see Point D Here ).


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  1. 2009 VA SOLs « Citizen Tom Says:

    […] leave a comment » PWC Education Reform Blog has the location.  See here. […]

  2. 2009 VA Mathematics SOLs « Citizen Tom Says:

    […] leave a comment » PWC Education Reform Blog has the location.  See here. […]

  3. EWL Says:

    Are there any good public elementary/middle schools in the DC/VA/MD area that do not use TERC, Everyday Math, and/or Connected Math? My family is moving from Seattle in the next couple of months and I’m researching communities. I’ve been calling school districts and it seems like reform math is everywhere in the DC area. Any ideas?

  4. pwceducationreform Says:

    It depends largely on where you’ll be working and how far you want to commute. I’m not as familiar with Maryland schools as Virginia – the folks at Frederick Education Reform (http://www.frederickeducationreform.com/) could probably help you with Maryland schools.

    Just my personal bias, but I’d stay far far far away from DC public schools. If you are considering moving to the District you’ll probably want to factor private school into your budget.

    In Virginia, most of the close in counties follow constructivism (Arlington uses TERC, Alexandria uses EDM, City of Falls Church uses EDM, Prince William uses TERC).

    Fairfax allows individual schools to choose the textbook they prefer for their students so you’d need to contact the school your children would attend to determine that.

    Loudoun has some schools on TERC while others are using a different program. Loudoun parents are, to my knowledge, fighting to keep TERC from being mandated county wide.

    Further out communities are a mixed bag and you’d need to contact each one individually sort it out.

  5. Greg L Says:

    Will the rest of the county’s scores be released any time soon? I’m _really_ eager to see how Gainesville did.

  6. pwceducationreform Says:

    Just posted them on the test scores page.

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