7 Points to a Blended Math Program

In March 2009, the PWC School Board approved a motion stating that PWCS will implement a consistent blended approach to mathematics education and identified SEVEN elements/points to be implemented.

A far more realistic view of the SEVEN points follows (these points have been evident since Math Investigations’ adoption).

This wonderful acronym and description are the creation of Stefanie, a member of http://www.POBMath.com

It’s called FIDIWTS (pronounced “fidiwitz” ).

A formula for school districts on how to handle parents uprisings against reform math programs.

Feign concern – Listen sympathetically and change nothing

Isolate – If complaints persist, tell concerned parents they are in the minority and everyone else is happy with the program

Divide and conquer – If parents organize, offer multiple parent math nights spreading “all is well – don’t worry” vibes

Interest will die down over time – Form a Math Committee to look into things and report back at a later date.

We’re doing something – Put in some band aids – Teachers can supplement as needed, do 10 minute math fact drills, and send home lots of traditional looking work as SOL test dates approach, etc – parents will think that’s adequate enough for mastery

Tell them what they want to hear – Talk about a blended curriculum and change nothing

Show them what they want to see – Send home recognizable homework but continue to promote reform math at school

Repeat as necessary

I’ve seen all 7 in my child’s school. How about you?


One Response to “7 Points to a Blended Math Program”

  1. jackie4678 Says:

    so funny & so true BUT so sad for PWC students.

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