2008 Grade 3 SOL Pass Rates

2008 was the first year the county-wide Investigations program hit an SOL test year.  After 3 years of Investigations, overall pass rates were unchanged at 90%.  Pass rates were up at 36% of schools, unchanged at 9%, and down at 56%.

Details for each of the AYP Subgroups are below.

Disadvantaged Student pass rate

  • Dropped 2% overall.
  • Up at 7% of schools, unchanged at 30%, down at 63%

LEP Student pass rate

  • Dropped 3% overall
  • Up at 29% of schools, unchanged at 11%, down at 60%

Black Student pass rate

  • Up 2% overall
  • Up at 52% of schools, unchanged at 14%, down at 33%.

White Student pass rate

  • Unchanged overall
  • Up at 45% of schools, unchanged at 15%, down at 40%.

Hispanic Student pass rate

  • Down 3% overall
  • Up at 34% of schools, unchanged at 7%, down at 56%.

Detailed reports for each school are in the articles for each district.


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