Pass Rates Drop in Woodbridge – PWCS lies

So says the head of the PWCS math Department in an email to members of the Teach Math Right Team.

The email confirms what you read here – pass rates in Woodbridge have dropped since Investigations was mandated.

The overall pass rate in Woodbridge District was down approximately 4% from the previous year.  The percentage of students achieving an advanced score was down by about 3%.

So how did PWCS claim success with Investigations?

They pulled test scores from 5 years ago, compared them to 2008, and claimed that any increase from 2003 was due to Investigations.

As before, a comparison to 2007, before Investigations was mandated, was missing.  Because if you pull SOL data from 2002 to 2008 you see that the increases occurred before Investigations was mandated, generally in the 2005 or 2006 time frame.  Multiple factors could be playing into that, not the least of which is that the SOLs are revised every 5 – 8 years and 2003 was the first time the SOL test reflected those revised standards. But the truth is that test scores increased before Investigations was mandated.

I find the efforts PWCS undertakes to spin the success of Investigations to be alarming – especially in Woodbridge where our most at-risk students live.

The fact is that pass rates in Woodbridge have declined since Investigations was mandated, especially amongst the LEP, Hispanic, and Disadvantaged populations.  But you won’t hear that from PWCS – oh no – they had to show that Investigations was successful and if doing so required them to go back to 2003, then so be it. The needs of our children don’t mater to them – what matters is making Investigations look as good as possible – no matter how hard they have to spin the data to do so.

One year may not be sufficient to note a trend, but it sure is sufficient to cause concern.  The data show that claims that Investigations has closed the achievement gap are without foundation. 

They are, in short, flat out lies. They are lies which are made at our children’s expense and the lemmings on our school board just lap it up. They accept what’s given to them without question and blindly nod their heads. Probably because few of them have children who are being subjected to the program.

The school boards job is to reign in the school system – to serve as our voice against a government monopoly. When they fail to do so, repeatedly, perhaps it’s time for a new school board.


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