It’s OK for PWCS staff to break the law…

so says one of the attorney’s working for PWCS.   Apparently those laws just apply to us little people – the ones who pay the taxes that provide their salaries.

A member of the Teach Math Right Team contacted one of the attorney’s working for PWCS to try to get a better understanding of how the school system could assert that it followed applicable laws when it clearly did not.  As you know from our previous article, here, PWCS failed to obtain school board approval for the evaluation criteria they used – a step which is required per state law when a school district is considering a non-state adopted textbook.

The attorney stated that PWCS had followed local regulations regarding textbook adoptions, and cited the newer version regulation, referenced in the article linked above.  But this regulation is a PWC regulation and it only applies to newer version of approved textbooks – Investigations was not, has not been, and is not approved for use in Grade 5 or as a K – 4 or K – 5 series.  Furthermore, following a local regulation does not preclude the county from following state law, especially when the local regulation doesn’t apply.

I’d love to report that our elected officials have heard our concerns and are addressing them.  A summary of the issue and our concerns has been sent to each member of the PWC School Board,  each member of the PWC Board of County Supervisors,  State Representative Jeff Frederick, and various members of the VA Department of Education.  The issue was summarized through phone calls to State Attorney General Bob McDonnel and The County Attorney.

None of our elected officials care.

Apparently, it’s OK for government employees to disregard the law.  Too bad I can’t disregard my property tax bill……


One Response to “It’s OK for PWCS staff to break the law…”

  1. Ed Says:

    That’s the problem with regulation without penalty for breaking. They only use rule breaches as an issue if they want to get rid of someone. Otherwise, they don’t care.

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