What wasn’t said about Woodbridge Scores

At the March 18th school board meeting Mrs. Ramirez defended her assertion that Investigations has helped students in her district.  She cited a pass rate, 82.2%, obtained from PWCS staff, that indicated to her that Investigations was helping the students in Woodbridge District.

One quick question, which really should have been asked by Mrs Ramirez,  what was the pass rate before Investigations was implemented?

Because one number tells you nothing.  Comparing the pass rate for Woodbridge District after Investigations was mandated to the pass rate before it was mandated gives that number meaning.

Maybe the reason comparative rates weren’t provided is because the pass rate in Woodbrige before Investigations was mandated was higher.


6 Responses to “What wasn’t said about Woodbridge Scores”

  1. Stat Skeptic Says:

    Do you know for a fact that the rates were higher before MI or are you engaging in the same misleading tactics that you accuse Ms. Ramirez of?

    • pwceducationreform Says:

      We are waiting for a response from PWCS officials regarding what data was used to justify Mrs Ramirez’s statement before posting such data. We’ve been waiting 7 business days so far for data staff were able to provide Mrs Ramirez in just a few hours.

      Mrs Ramirez is a professional and ought to know what questions to ask so that the data she presents has meaning.

      And yes, we did calculate the overall rate for Woodbridge based on enrollment data and pass rates from the VA DOE, and it appears to be higher. We want to give PWCS an opportunity to justify their data before posting the numbers we’ve calculated.

      Feel free to check out this article ==>

      to review the SOL data for Woodbridge District.

    • rgb Says:

      Actually, I can answer that one. YES.

      A very fair question to ask. I’m personally not convinced that Ms. Ramirez was using “misleading tactics.” She claims she has data from the PWCS Math Department that supports her contention that Achievement Gaps have gotten better under Math Investigations in her Woodbridge District. Fair enough, but…when one pulls the public data off the VA DOE website a completely different picture is presented.

      Woodbridge District Grade 3 Math SOL pass and pass-advanced rates were down in 6 of 9 elementary schools overall in 2008 compared to 2007 non-Investigations scores.
      Overall PWCS Woodbridge District Achievement Gaps (Grade 3, Mathematics SOL testing) increased in 72% of 36 AYP student subgroup aggregates in the 9 elementary schools in her district. Pass-Advance Achievement Gaps increased in 53% of these aggregates. The Virginia DOE data is available and posted on the home page of the pwcteachmathright.com website on the 29 March 2009 update at the top of the page. You can download the document directly and the data source is cited.

      From what I understand, despite Ms. Ramirez having asked the PWCS Math Department to provide the same information they presented to her, thus far the Math Department has declined to do so.

      So I guess it’s a good thing that the information is readily available on the Virginia Department of Education’s website.

  2. Ed Says:

    This is the email I sent Ms Ramirez about scores in her district.
    The results are from the state web site and reflect the change from 2006-2007 (non-MI) to 2007-2008 MI.

    Available here:

    Looking at the SOL results, in Vaughan the advanced pass rate of white students dropped from 67% to 53%, blacks did not change significantly, the hispanic pass rate dropped from 94% to 82% while the advanced pass rate dropped from 50% to 24%.

    Gaps are only closing if the low score is rising; I wouldn’t call it closing the gap if you are reducing the higher score; more like dumbing down.

    How can you claim it is working for ESOL students?

    At Featherstone, all groups were down slightly except the black pass advanced fell off a cliff! 27% to 8%
    Leesylvania: again all slightly down except hispanic – pass down 9% and advanced down from 46% to 22%
    Marumsco: same story. All down. hispanic advanced pass down from 30% to 19%

    Kilby: Everything down; advanced pass and hispanic worst hit again. Disadvantaged results just horrible. 95% to 79% pass, 38% to 18% advanced.
    River Oaks: All down; hispanic pass 91% to 73%, advanced pass 27% to 14%

    There were only 3 schools showing good results:
    Belmont: Good gains except white pass rate down from 100% to 88%.
    Porter: Slightly up; great black student numbers
    Potomac View: Great white student numbers, black scores off others minor changes

  3. Ed Says:

    So yes we do know. We have researched it and the math dept still has not provided the information to justify their claim that may have led to Ms Ramirez making the wrong choice.
    I guess they got what they wanted.

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    […] What Wasn’t said About Woodbridge test scores […]

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