Fool Me Twice….

Fool me once, shame on you.

Fool me twice, shame on me.

I have no idea who said that first, but it’s a lesson the PWC school board members seem to have forgotten.  On March 4th the school board authorized a motion calling for a blended approach to math education in county schools.  The motion is almost a twin of a similar motion they authorized last year.  Apparently the difference is that they really really mean it this time and hope the Superintendent will actually deliver a blended program.

Here’s the thing.  The Superintendent has to depend on his staff, namely the Area Superintendents and math department team, to implement the program (just like he’s had to since the program was supposedly implemented a  year and half ago).

I can’t help wonder how committed the school system really is to implementing a truly blended program when they made statements like these to 4th grade teachers at the Math in service training :

  • that they {teachers} would have to  follow the program given to them by the math department to the letter;
  • that departing from that program by blending it with traditional materials would have tragic consequences;
  • that school administrators and team leads would monitor them to ensure that they were following the program as set forth by the math department and in the Investigations guides.

The math in service was held just a few hours before the school board meeting.

Does the school board honestly expect that the people who made these statements to teachers just a few hours earlier will now do an about face and work to implement a blended program?

Seems our school board may have just gotten fooled, again.


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