School Board Votes To Do Nothing!

For those of you who didn’t have the strength to sit through a couple of hours of debate, the school board voted against the Opt In and in favor of doing nothing on the math front.

The vote on the Opt in was close; 4 were for it (Trenum, Covington, Lucas, and Johns) and 4 were against it (Richardson, Lattin, Ramirez, and Otaigbe). Your need 5 to pass a vote and we were one short.

After defeating choice for PWC parents the school board moved on to Dr Otaigbe’s balanced motion. That motion carried with a unanimous vote. Unfortunately, the motion accomplishes nothing and was so watered down by the end of the night that it is barely with the paper it was written on.

As soon as the text of the motion is posted to the PWCS web site I’ll link it, but the only meaty, and I use that term very loosely, portions of the motion are the following:
(a) Teachers have the authority to select instructional materials as they deem appropriate for their students,
(b) Principals should work with their parents and staff to develop plans for providing a blended approach to mathematics instruction at their schools.

Unfortunately, there is no requirement to provide both classical and Investigations materials to students nor is there any requirement to actually use classical materials. In short, the motion is a big old bunch of nothing.


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