Open Season On PWCS Elementary Schools

The PWC school board authorized the blended motion last night.  While the motion changes little, it does have two points which have some, emphasis on the some,  meat to them.

The first is the requirement that school Principals work with the parents in their community and staff to develop plans to provide a blended approach to mathematics instruction in their schools.  This point in essence takes the debate away from the school board and places the burden for meeting parents expectations for an honestly blended program squarely on the school Principal’s shoulders.

I encourage each and every parent concerned with the math program to contact their Principal and request a meeting where he / she can define what he / she believes constitutes a blended program and to discuss his / her plans for providing that program.  Then you can work with your Principal to revise that definition and plan so that it meets your expectations of what a blended program is and how it should be provided  to your children.

The second meaty bit is that teachers have been granted the authority to select instructional materials as they deem appropriate for their students.    This means that teachers who previously hid behind closed doors and soft voices to teach traditional math need not close their doors anymore.

It also means that parents have a legitimate expectation that their child’s teacher will be willing and able to adapt the county mandated lessons and pacing to meet their child’s needs.  As such, I encourage each and every parent with a concern about the Investigations program to schedule a meeting with your child’s teacher and Principal to develop a plan of differentiated instruction  for your child which meets your expectations for instructional rigor.


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