Dr Otaigbe’s motion has been revised

The text of it reads:

Under the direct supervision of the Superintendent, Prince William County Public Schools will implement a consistent and blended approach to mathematics education with the following elements:

1. The goal at each grade level is to achieve the mathematics objectives of the Virginia Standards of Learning and the PWCS curriculum. The PWCS elementary curriculum shall ensure that all SOL essential knowledge and skills standards are covered at the grade level indicated in the SOL framework.

2. All students are expected to achieve conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and automatic recall of facts. Pacing guides shall designate practice for mastery of basic facts and for efficient execution of standard algorithms.

3. Math Investigations handbooks and activity books and traditional mathematics workbooks will be provided for teachers and students to support a blended approach to the teaching of mathematics.

4. Classroom teachers shall have the flexibility to use instructional materials and strategies and to adjust pacing recommendations to achieve learning outcomes.

5. The mathematics program shall be implemented within the structure of site-based management.

6. Success of the program will be evaluated by scores on the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) tests and other achievement tests, by student readiness for advanced math courses such as extended math in sixth grade, and by survey responses from parents and staff members. SOL results will be evaluated and reported by grade level and by sub-groups. SOL results, including information on trends, will be compared with surrounding school divisions and with statewide results.

7. Advanced students shall be challenged with additional or more complex problems and activities offered in each classroom. These students shall be provided the opportunity to learn and practice more advanced concepts as they are ready.


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