Lie to Me

If you ask people what characteristics they consider important, you’ll probably hear than most value honesty and integrity.  Why is it then that our elected officials and government employees are so rarely honest, and why do we accept it?

Case in point is the PWC Math program.  We’ve told for over a year now that the program is blended.  My child’s school principal just a few days ago told me that our program was a blended.  But there is no blending, and we all know it.   I actually had a hard time keeping a straight face when my school Principal lied to me, but I didn’t challenge her to back up her claim because I figured she was just following the county line like she’s been told to.

And then I started thinking, really thinking about that.  Why was it OK for her to lie to me about what her teachers are teaching my children?  Why is it OK for school officials to lie to me and every other citizen in this county about what they tell teachers to teach?  Why is it OK for elected school board members to hide behind false promises of providing a program they no nothing about and just want to go away?

Because that’s what’s happening in PWC right now, under our noses.  School system officials are lying to us and pretending that they’re providing a blended math program when they aren’t.  School Principals and teachers are doing the same.  And our elected school board members are joining in and castigating parents who call the county out on it’s lies. And yet we all just sit here and take it.

We have many difficult issues facing us in PWC.  Issues that are going to take hard work and commitment to solve.  Problems that will require leaders with honesty and integrity.

Unfortunately, we’ve elected a bunch of lying cowardly lions.  Perhaps,  considering my unwillingness to challenge my school Principal, we’ve gotten what we deserve.


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