Traditional Math Proposals – Speak Up!

Things are moving pretty fast on the front to restore traditional math to PWC schools.

There are two proposals regarding traditional math in front of the school board. The first if by Mr Trenum and grants parents a choice in how their children are taught mathematics. You can find that proposal here. The second is by Dr Otaigbe and it will compel the school system to purchase two sets of instructional materials for all students while allowing the Superintendent and central office staff to maintain control over curriculum. You can find that proposal here.

The Opt in, in my opinion, is the only approach which will give our children a chance to learn real math. Dr Otaigbe’s proposal has not changed significantly from it’s original state and, in my opinion, will change nothing.

If you want a say in how your children are taught math you need to speak up now and send your comments to the school board.

Discussion of each of these proposals can be found at the following articles on our blog:

Why we oppose the Blended Approach

Comments on The Opt In (previously know as the choice option)

Comments on The Blended Approach (Dr Otaigbe’s proposal)

Cost Estimates for each

Click here to send an email to the entire school board.


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