URGENT – Action Needed !!!!!

If you thought the fight to restore traditional math to PWC elementary schools was about to end, you’d be wrong – and we need your help.

Dr Otaigbe has proposed a motion to provide a Blended Approach to mathematics in PWC schools, which he sincerely and honestly believes will fix the problem. In my opinion, the proposal, as currently written, solves nothing and reinforces the hollow promises of a blended program we’ve been hearing for over a year. Unfortunately a large number of board members seem to have been swayed by illusions of a Blended Approach and appear to be more than willing to support this empty promise.

Mr Trenun has proposed the Opt In for Traditional math which would provide each of us with a choice in how our children are taught math. Unfortunately, Dr Otaigbe’s blended proposal appears to have more support from board members. We need your help if we’re to defeat the blended proposal and provide choice for our children.

For more information about the proposals, please read them and our assessment of each here.

The Blended Approach, which appears to have the most support on the board and is likely to be approved unless a huge number of us inform the board of our concerns with it, puts the Superintendent and central office staff in charge of defining and ensuring that all schools provide a blended approach to math which will be accomplished by requiring that every student be given both a traditional textbook / workbook and an Investigations workbook.

The approach ignores the fact that for the past year and half the Superintendent and central office staff have been in charge of the math program and have been telling us that the program was blended. If they weren’t telling the truth then, and haven’t been delivering the blended program they claim they were, why should we believe they’ll change it now?

The proposal also calls for every student to be given both a traditional textbook / workbook and an Investigations workbook. Just giving each child a textbook doesn’t mean they child will actually be taught lessons from the textbook. The pacing of the lessons and what material is used to teach it comes from the math department. Just who will be tasked with developing the new “blended” pacing guides?  The math department.  The same department which comprised of Investigations true believers, has stated repeatedly that a blended approach is dangerous, and has been falsely claiming that they teach a blended approach for over a year now.

Does anyone honestly believe they’ll adapt the lesson pacing so that they reflect a true blend of material from both instructional approaches?

The school system is $57 million in the hole now. Purchasing two sets of materials will double our materials costs by more than $1.7 million over current spending over a 4 year period. Where is the school system supposed to find the money to buy those materials?

I can’t help but wonder why we haven’t heard a single statement defining what a blended approach or blended curriculum is. After all, the Superintendent and central office staff have repeatedly told the school board and parents that a blended approach is IMPOSSIBLE and possibly HARMFUL. I think hearing from them just what constitutes a blended approach, and why they believe it could be effective when they’ve so forcefully stated that it’s dangerous,  is imperative.

The school board needs to hear from you.  Today.  They need to know what you think.  They will approve this motion, which solves nothing, unless you let them know what you think.  So tell them.  Here’s a link to send a message to the entire board.

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