Show Me the Money!

We are in tight budgetary times and no decisions should be made without considering the cost of those decisions first.  So how much would each different proposal for returning traditional math to PWC schools cost?

We start with one issue.  The location of the math textbooks previously used in PWC elementary schools, with the exception of Grade 5 textbooks which are still being used by students, is unknown. The school board was warned, repeatedly, that the old textbooks would be sold or destroyed unless they acted to preserve them.  Several school board members asked that schools refrain from  disposing of the old textbooks, but no motion was ever raised requesting that school store these books.

Because of that inaction, it appears that the old Grade 3 & 4 textbooks have  been disposed of and are not available.  That means that any proposal to return traditional math to PWC schools must include the cost of purchasing new textbooks to replace those which were sold last year, at  a cost of at least $275,000.

Having said that, and incorporating the cost of replacing those textbooks into estimates,  estimated costs for each program are presented below.  The cost of the Opt In assumes a 50/50 split .  All costs are approximations.

Over a 4 year period, the Opt in results in the lowest cumulative costs.    Under this approach, higher costs in the first year are replaced with lower costs in next 3 years, resulting in a 4 year cumulative savings over the cost of continuing the current program of  approximately $84,000.

The Blended Approach results in this highest cumulative 4 year costs, exceeding the cost of continuing the current program by more than $1.7 million.

Annual total costs are below:

Year 1

  • Continuing Current Program  – $596,834
  • Opt In – $723,017
  • Blended Program – $1,446,034

Years 2, 3, & 4

  • Continuing Current Program -$440,000
  • Opt In – $369,875
  • Blended Program – $739,750

Cumulative 4 Year Costs

  • Continuing Current Program -$1,916,833
  • Opt In  – $1,832,642
  • Blended Program – $3,665,284


Link to VA DOE Negotiated Pricing for approved textbooks.


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