Defending The Teach Math Right Team

The parents fighting to restore traditional math to PWC schools have been accused, repeatedly, of spreading misinformation. While no specifics on what we’ve misrepresented have been provided, we thought it might be beneficial to defend ourselves against such specious accusations. You see, nothing we’ve said has misrepresented the facts.

The Petition

Lets start with the much maligned and continuing to grow petition. Click here to read our defense of the petition. There are approximately 26,000 students in grades K-4 in PWC ; there are over 1,600 signatures on the petition.

The Standard Algorithms

The standard algorithms, are they taught or not? Click here to read about the extent students will “study” the standard algorithms under Investigations.

Following State Statutes is Optional for PWCS Staff

Various members of the Teach Math Right team have been assailed by school board members for calling attention to the fact that PWCS employees failed to follow state statutes when selecting Investigations. We’ve been accused of slandering PWCS employees. The only problem is that to be guilty of slander you have to have told a lie, and our noses aren’t growing.

The folks in the PWCs math department, well apparently they’ve decided that state statutes are optional.

Biased Selection Process

Various members of the Teach math Right Team have been assailed for calling attention to the biased selection process. The school board, for their own reasons, seems to have decided that an unbiased process is bad.


3 Responses to “Defending The Teach Math Right Team”

  1. Michelle Says:

    So I went to back to school night (first grade), and the teacher shared that Investigations is going away and being replaced by a new math program. One parent asked what it’s called. The teacher said she does not know the name of it. Hmmm, I find this a little suspicious. We can’t look into it if we are not told what it is. Does she really not know or is this what they’ve been programmed to say to the parents to keep us in line?

    • pwceducationreform Says:

      Hi! The new math program is Math Connects, by Macmillian / McGraw Hill. It was approved by the school board as the mathematics instructional resource for kindergarten to 8th Grade.

      The school division has chosen to implement Math Connects in grade 3 – 8 this year, with Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade following next year.

      Your child’s classroom teacher ought to know the name of the text. She should have been told by her school administration and by PWCS in her math training. That she doesn’t know speaks volumes to me (assuming she actually doesn’t know and wasn’t just saying that to avoid conflict).

      We have seen evidence that PWCS is only halfheartedly implementing Connects in grades 3 – 8. The planning calendars and pacing guides for grade 3 & 4 require teachers to use Math Investigations for a significant portion instruction in number sense and computation. So, while the school board may have approved Math Connects, it’s only being implemented in selected units, and not really being used in the major content areas covered in 3 – 5th grades.

      • Michelle Says:

        Just to follow up, my 4th grader DOES have the Connects book and they have been working from it. So far I have seen no signs of Investigations in that classroom. They have been working on multiples and factors this week. Thanks for explaining this!

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