PWC Opt in For Traditional Math

Just how would the Opt In for Traditional Math program work in PWC?

At the January 21st school board meeting Chairman Johns suggested the following items for consideration regarding the program:

  • The program would be  available for Grade 1 -5 starting in the Fall of 2009
  • Parents would be required to notify their local schools in writing or in person of their intent to enroll their students in the traditional math program by the end of March
  • There would have to be at least 25 students at each school in any given grade level for services to be provided.  If a school does not have 25 students then those families could move their children to another school which does have 25 students.
  • The traditional schools would teach math exclusively with the traditional program.

Chairman Johns also mentioned whether to proceed with the roll out of Investigations to Grade 5 as part of his list. I’ve removed it because it is now an agenda item for the next board meeting (see here.)

Let’s talk about the traditional option and how it could work.  What do you think of the items on Chairman John’s list?  How would you design such a program?  If  you could prepare a grocery list of criteria for the program, what would be on your list?

Below are a handful of topics to get the conversation going:

  • How would students be enrolled in the program?
  • When would parents have to notify the school that they would like to enroll their child in the program?
  • What if there aren’t enough interested children to make up a full class?
  • Would teachers be forced to follow one textbook or would a traditional textbook form the backbone of the curriculum with teachers selecting additional materials from whatever  source they believe best meets their students needs?
  • Would students in the traditional mathematics program continue to be assessed with the same tests as students in the Investigations program?

Let’s hear what you think! While the authors and administrator’s of this blog do support the opt in for traditional math, ALL comments are appreciated – even from those who think the opt in is a horrible idea. The only rule is to play nicely – and that means all of you and all sides of the debate!

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