Is Investigations out for Grade 5 in PWC?

Is Investigations out as the primary text for Grade 5 in PWC?  Could be….

The following item has been added to the February 4th school board meeting agenda.  It is an action item, which means the school board will actually be voting on the issue.

That the Prince William County School Board direct the Superintendent that the textbook series “Investigations in Number, Data and Space” shall not be used as the primary textbook for 5th Grade instruction, but materials in the series may be used to supplement the currently approved 5th Grade textbook.

No further information is provided, so I’d left wondering whether this applies to the current school year or will apply in the Fall of 2009.  I also can’t help but wonder whether the school board was listening; not to our concerns about Investigations but to our questions about whether PWC actually followed state procedures when Investigations was selected.

Very interesting………


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