PWCS Middle School Sports Program

PWC recently issued it’s proposed budget cuts for next year abd the Middle School Sports program is on the chopping block . Cutting the Middle School Sports Program will, reportedly, save the county about $383,000 a year.

The school board will be considering this decision at the February 18th meeting. Let them know how you feel.

  1. Sign the Save MS Sports Petition .
  2. Send a note to the entire school board and tell them what you think.
  3. Show up at the meeting on the 18th and tell them to save Middle school Sports. Here’s how.

Where could the money to save middle school sports come from? Lots of different places. Here are a few suggestions…….

  • Stop spreading Math Investigations to 5th grade. Estimated annual savings, approximately $88,000.
  • Get rid of the Raptor system. I know – no one wants to do anything that might affect safety. But Raptor costs include licensing fees and staff to sit at a desk and scan licenses. Assuming there is a full time person at each school making minimum wage 180 days a year, that’s about $437,000 a year in staff to support Raptor. And that doesn’t include licensing fees.
  • Cut the elementary schedule by a few days. I know – we’re supposed to be in school 180 days. But we have 9 built in snow days in hours and we’ve only used 1 so far this year. How about elementary kids take a few snow days at the end of the year? Imagine the savings on transportation alone.

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