Seems someone on the school board is listening

The Agenda for the January 21st school board meeting has been released and it has an interesting item:

#22 Opt In Option for Traditional Math in Elementary Schools
(Johns) Info

If my read of this item is correct, the school board will discuss the possibility of creating an alternate instructional track based on a traditional text for PWC students – at the parent’s discretion.

This is huge on so many levels. It means our fight to bring traditional math back to PWC may have delivered some results, it means our kids might actually get to learn that 6 x 8 = 48 and not have to spend hours drawing squirrels to demonstrate how they know it, and it means parents will be given a say in how their children are educated and with what materials.

Here’s the thing. I think this is a one shot deal. If the board doesn’t vote to authorize an alternate, traditional track in this or the following meeting, it won’t until a new board is seated in a couple of years. While some of the board members may support the idea, others clearly do not.

If we want this thing to carry – if we really want our kids to be taught math under a traditional text – then we need to make sure every board member knows how we feel. Click this link to send a message to all the board members. Sample text is included in this post.

We also need to show up in force at the January 21st board meeting – even if it’s just to stand in support of your fellow parents. This is our, to quote a school board member, golden egg. Whether it happens or not is up to you.

School board meetings are held at the Edward L. Kelly Leadership Center located at 14715 Bristow Road in Manassas. From the PW Parkway (Rt 234) turn onto INDEPENDENT HILL RD and follow for 0.4 miles. Turn left onto BRISTOW RD (VA-619) and follow for 0.6 miles. End at 14715 Bristow Rd Manassas, VA 20112-3945.


One Response to “Seems someone on the school board is listening”

  1. Greg L Says:

    How about posting directions to where the meeting will be held? I know where to go and find it, but it would be kinda nice for county residents to have ALL the information they’ll need in order to participate right in one place!

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