Who knew PWC school board meetings were this much fun?

Those of you who did not watch the January 21st school board meeting, or went to bed before it ended, missed a wonderful opportunity to witness our school board in action. You can watch the pod cast here (the last 30 – 45 minutes are the most entertaining) or check out any number of blogs and newspaper accounts of the action, including :BVBL, Anti-BVBL, CITIZEN TOM, VIRGINIA VIRTUCON, and Inside NOVA. You know you’ve hit on a hot topic when BVBL and Anti-BVBL agree on an issue.

This is just my opinion, however, elected officials accusing multiple citizens of being puppets who are incapable of independently stringing together two coherent sentences and of being too stupid to have their opinions heard much less considered valid, are probably not going to remain elected officials for much longer.

The most amazing thing is that the parent most of vitriol was directed at simply asked that the school system provide a mathematics program which he believes will provide his child with the education he / she needs to succeed. Pretty darn amazing.


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