Tell the school board what you think……


The January 7th board meeting exposed one important point – the parents involved in the fight for traditional math in PWC haven’t done the best job at making sure the school board knows how they feel. Let’s change that, today.

I believe that there are sympathetic board members who would support an alternate, traditional track in PWC schools, but they will only support it if they believe there is sufficient support for such a program from parents. If you can attend the next board meeting on Wednesday, January 21st at 7PM then please go and let them know how you feel. If you don’t want to speak then simply stand with another speaker when they address the board to show your support for what they’re asking for. If you can’t go then please send the board an email and let them know how you feel.

You don’t have to say much – something like “My name is XYZ. I am a resident and parent of children in PWC. The county math program is not meeting my child’s needs. I believe a program based on a traditional text would better meet their needs and ask you to support creating such a program. Thank You ” – is more than sufficient.

You can send an email to each board member with the email addresses listed below or clink on this link which will take you to the PWCS school board and clink on the “send an email to all the board members link.

Here are the board member’s email addresses:
Gil Trenum –
Dr Michael Otaigbe –
Denita Ramirez –
Julie Lucas –
Betty Covington –
Grant Lattin –
Don Richardson –
Milt Johns –

Let us know in the comments if you send a message. We’ll make sure the board receives the list.


5 Responses to “Tell the school board what you think……”

  1. Jennifer V. Says:

    I sent an email. Thanks for making it so easy. I really appreciate what you all do in this fight!!!!

  2. FedUpWithFuzzyMath Says:

    I’ve sent emails to all the Board Members and will be there to stand behind you. I don’t plan on speaking, but I do want to let the Members know that those who speak out against cruddy math in PWC represent thousands of parents like us. I plan on bringing several friends and neighbors too. Thank you for all you do for us!

  3. Gvmathback! Says:

    It took 1 citizen to address the sch bd in Dec asking for Inaug Day as a holiday. ONE! How many emails did the bd members receive then? that was a huge decision to make! lose 3 Million for a holiday in pwc ($$’s that pay the tchrs, staff, etc) & math doesn’t seem to matter. our kid’s educ doesn’t matter. do the math, pwc! can’t wait for the next election; i know which members won’t be receiving my vote & i’ll do anything in my power to lobby against those up for re-election that have done nothing to support my kid’s educ here!

  4. jason kenny Says:

    Interesting, but usual =)

  5. Valerie Says:

    I’ve just sent an email to the school board letting them know of my dissapointment with Math Investigations. But I have sent emails in the past, so I may already be counted as one of the 5 or so parents they feel are against MI.

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