Are Specialty Programs Worth the Cost?

PWCS offers something other school divisions don’t – choice.

In PWCS, high school students can choose a specialty that they might be interested in and can transfer to a school that offers it, assuming the school is accepting transfers. We have specialty programs in IT, Bio-tech, Fine and Performing Arts, Engineering, Culinary Arts, and others.   PWCS also offers AP, IB, and Cambridge courses.  PWCS provides transportation for students transferring into specialty programs from other schools.

Is the value of the speciality programs worth the cost of programs, transportation, and all the weird enrollment numbers?

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Lowest Test Scores in the Area

At the last school board meeting Harry Wiggins, Chairman of the PWC Democratic Committee, addressed the board.  He stated that PWCS had the lowest test scores in the area.  Dr. Otiagbe appeared taken aback by that  and asked the Superintendent to address it.  The Superintendent responded that PWCS consistently exceeded state averages but didn’t elaborate further as it was quite late.

Both are mostly correct.

Confusing, isn’t it?  I’ll try to break it down a bit.

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Everything is Awesome…

Everything is cool when you’re part of a team.

Everything is awesome,

When you’re living the dream! 

I just saw the Lego movie with my children, and that song was an integral part of the movie.  As a Mom with two children, I spend a lot of time at movies like this and, as so often happens in these types of movies, my mind wanders a bit.

See, if you listen to the reports about Prince William County, everything here is Awesome.  We have the lowest taxes in the area and are one of the wealthiest counties in the nation!

Everything is Awesome and PWC, we are Living the Dream!

Except where we aren’t.  Our taxes may be among the lowest in the region, but our tax rate is among the highest.  Our household income may be among the highest in the nation, but it’s one of the lowest in the region.

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Staff’s Presentation on the Common Core

At the Feb 5, 2014 school board meeting, staff presented what was supposed to be an overview of the Common Core State Standards, which you can find here.  The presentation was, in my opinion, incomplete.

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School Board Report for February 5, 2014

School Board Report for February 4, 2014
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Party All Night Long

The agenda for the Feb.5, 2014 School Board meeting is available, and it will be a long one.  Because the last meeting was cancelled due to poor weather, the meeting will cover all of the topics from the January 22, 1014 agenda and all of the topics from the Feb 5, 2014 agenda.  Double the fun!!

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Rich Kids of Northern Virginia

Its’ that time of year, when the feds, state, and local government’s prepare their budgets for the coming fiscal year.  Each year we hear different claims about the relative wealth and tax burden borne by residents in our jurisdictions, with the statistic cited generally the one that supports the argument of whomever is asking for more money.

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