Hot Times in the Kelly Center Tonight!

There is a school board meeting tonight, January 2, 2013, and it should be interesting.  There will be a Work Session on the CIP following the regular meeting.  Both the meeting and work session are open to the public.

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Playing Politics in Woodbridge – UPDATED & UPDATED AGAIN!

by Kim Simons

As most of the you know, Denita Ramirez, who long served the residents of Woodbridge on the PWC School Board, resigned from the school board in November.  Shortly after she announced her resignation PWCS issued a press release stating that the election to replace Denita would be sometime in the Spring of 2013.  This struck me and several others as odd, so I contacted Mr James Fagan, the school division counsel, to understand why the election would be in the Spring and not the Fall.

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Want to Represent Woodbridge on the School Board?

Here’s how…

“Prince William County School Board Announces Process to Fill Woodbridge Board Vacancy

November 19, 2012

The Prince William County School Board is soliciting applications from qualified individuals interested in serving on an interim basis to fill the School Board vacancy created by the departure of Woodbridge District member Denita Ramirez. Mrs. Ramirez tendered her resignation on November 7.

As required by Virginia law, the School Board will appoint an interim member who must be a qualified voter and bona fide resident of the Woodbridge District. The appointment must be made within 45 days of the occurrence of the vacancy, or by January 14, 2013.

Under the law, a special election to replace the interim appointee will be held in the spring of 2013. The timing is tied both to the date of the departing member’s original election, and to the time of her resignation. Mrs. Ramirez’s resignation is effective November 30.

Eligible persons may apply for the interim appointment by filing an application with the Clerk to the School Board, before 4:30 p.m., on December 14, 2012. The application form is also available in the School Board Office, Room 3400, Edward L. Kelly Leadership Center, 14715 Bristow Road, Manassas, or on the School Division’s Web site at Completed applications can be delivered to the Clerk’s office or transmitted electronically to Applications must be submitted by close of business, 4:30 p.m., on December 14, 2012.

A public hearing on the Prince William County School Board’s interim appointment of the Woodbridge District representative will be held at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, December 19, 2012, in the School Board meeting room at the Kelly Leadership Center. Residents may sign up to speak at the hearing by contacting the Clerk of the School Board by telephone or email, no later than noon on the day of the hearing. Would-be speakers may also sign up in person from 6–6:55 p.m. on the night of the meeting.

Each speaker will be provided up to three minutes to make comments. Applicants for the position are invited to speak for up to five minutes. Only those whose names are considered at the public hearing will be eligible for appointment as the interim School Board member. The School Board plans to schedule a vote on the interim appointment at the School Board meeting on January 2, 2013.

Contact the School Board Office at 703.791.8709 for additional information.”

Copied in full from this PWCS announcement

Lillie Jessie to Represent Occoquan District Residents

Congratulations to Lille Jessie!  Ms Jessie will be representing Occoquan district residents on the PWC School Board.

Questionnaire for Occoquan District School Board Candidates

Below is our questionnaire for candidates running to represent Occoquan District citizens on the Prince William County School Board.  We have attempted to send the questionnaire to all candidates.  If you are a candidate and have not received a questionnaire, please contact us at PWC_ED_REFORM @ and we’ll send you a questionnaire.

We will publish any responses we receive from candidates, as well as any updates or clarifications we receive from them, as soon as we receive them.  Current school board members are welcome to answer the questionnaire if they so choose.  We will publish any of those responses as well.

Click below to read the questionnaire.

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Milt Johns For Chairman of the PWC School Board

Milt Johns has lead the PWC School Board for the past 4 years. His leadership style is best described as calm. He strives for consensus and has worked tirelessly to achieve that goal. He’s repaired the relationship between the school board and Board of County Supervisors and pushed the BOCS to pass a resolution ensuring that the school board’s opinion is provided any time a development of more than 100 homes is proposed. He pushed PWCS to develop a curriculum that exceeds to SOLs rather than just accept whatever the state tells us to do. He lead the effort to lobby the state to ensure that PWCS received its fair share of state education funds.

The Chairman has a difficult balancing act to play between the school district and citizens who are breathing fire. Milt’s leadership style has sometimes appeared to us to be too conciliatory and in several cases we felt a bit more fight from the Chairman might have improved the decision making process. In the hopes that we’ll see a bit more fire in the future, we endorse Milt Johns as Chairman of the Prince William County School Board.

Lisa Bell For Neabsco School Board Representative

The Prince William County Education Reform blog proudly endorses Lisa Bell to represent Neabsco District residents on the Prince William County School Board.

Lisa Bell has been a breath of fresh air on our school board since she was appointed to complete Julie Lusas’ term. She’s a tenacious fighter who is willing to do her homework and ask tough questions, and has been a strong advocate for greater transparency from the school district. PWC Schools are good, but can be better. As she’s already demonstrated, we believe Lisa Bell will help push PWCS in the right direction and are proud to endorse her to represent Neabsco District residents on the PWC School Board.

Alyson Satterwhite for Gainesville District School Board Rep.

The Prince William County Education Reform blog proudly endorses Alyson Satterwhite to represent Gainesville District residents on the Prince William County School Board.

Our school district needs strong leadership from people who will consider the assertions of district officials with an appropriate degree of skepticism and are willing to challenge assumptions and distortions. Alyson Satterwhite is just that kind of person. She was one of the first parents to stand against the controversial Math Investigations program,is and advocate on behalf of special needs children, and will push for greater transparency on fiscal issues and program accountability from PWCS. We believe Alyson has what it takes to push PWCS in the right direction and are proud to endorse her to represent Gainesville District residents on the PWC School Board.

2011 Prince William County School Board Candidate Questionnaire

2011 Prince William County School Board Candidate Questionnaire

You can find the full questionnaire without any responses at this link===> PWC SB Candidate Quest 2011

Purpose of the Questionnaire

Prince William County elects an entirely new school board every 4 years. Once a board is elected it will not change for a number of years, which makes selecting a candidate who understands the issues that are important to their constituents that much more important.

Web sites and candidate statements only provide a limited, one-sided view of an individual candidate’s opinion on issues they think are important. Debates provide opportunities to contrast each candidate’s viewpoint on selected issues, but sometimes the limited response format doesn’t offer the depth some issues deserve. So we put together a questionnaire about issues we think are likely to come up in the next few years so that we can all better understand where the candidates stand on those issues and select the person we believe will best represent us.

We hope candidates will respond to the questionnaire as it will provide them with an opportunity to address critical issues in as much, or little, detail as they believe is necessary.

Administering the Questionnaire

The Candidate Questionnaire will be sent to school board candidates by email on September 30, 2011. Candidates are asked to complete the questionnaire and return their responses by October 7, 2011. We will verify the authenticity of responses we receive and post them unedited on our web site. Any clarifications or corrections candidates wish to include in their responses after the deadline will also be verified and posted on our web site.

The questionnaire begins with an opening statement and introduction from each candidate and then proceeds to questions for all candidates. Those questions are sorted into broad categories, which are:
• District Administration
• Budget and Transparency
• Relations with Teachers
• Redistricting and School Construction
• Curriculum and Instruction

Additional questions for candidates for School Board Chair are in a separate category.

Candidates are encouraged to provide their answers with as much or little detail as they believe is warranted. To keep things simple and clear, we ask that candidates provide their responses in blue.

Who Are We?

We are a group of parents and citizens with a vested interest in ensuring that our schools truly do offer the “World Class Education” Prince William County advertises because our children attend Prince William County Public Schools. We believe that Prince William County Schools offer our children a great education, but that there is room for improvement and issues that deserve attention. We hope that this questionnaire will be useful to both citizens and candidates in that it will clarify candidates’ positions on critical issues without campaign slogans.


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